Blueair Classic 480i review: the great beast of the air purifier world

Blueair Classic 480i review: the great beast of the air purifier world

Here’s our Blueair Classic 480i review in one sentence: The grand daddy of air purifiers is a serious air cleaning kit.

Probably the best air purifier you can buy for a large room, the Blueair Classic 480i is not what you would call a beautiful machine, but it is an efficient machine. If you suffer from allergies or just want cleaner air in your home, this machine might be the right one for you.

As you can see, it is not a compact air purifier, nor particularly stylish, despite its Scandinavian origins. No, the Blueair Classic 480i looks more like an industrial device that has been rendered fair attractive enough to install in your home – especially if your home has large rooms, where it disappears in the background, or can be hidden behind furniture.

Personally I put mine behind my kitchen table, against the wall, where he has been living very happily for over a year now. There isn’t much to know about this device, because once it’s installed you hardly need to think about it again – and you won’t really be giving it a glance of admiration. But let me tell you about what I learned.

Blueair Classic 480i review: price and availability

Being tall, serious and Scandinavian, this Blueair purifier was never going to be cheap. And it is not. It’s £ 629 in the UK with a standard HEPA / particulate filter and £ 679 with a SmokeStop filter (for smoke, obvs). In the US it’s $ 699 and in Australia it’s AUS £ 1,299. Beware of discounts and offers, our pricing widget will show you the best prices on offer.

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Blueair Classic 480i: conception

Well, it’s a big box, measuring 40x63x72cm. With an aiming curve on its exterior panels, I wouldn’t say the 480i was completely devoid of style, but it’s essentially a large metal box.

A flap on the top covers the few buttons and lights that the Blueair Classic 480i has to offer. One button cycles through its three power settings (and turns off), and the other activates automatic mode. And once you’ve turned on auto mode, that can be all the interaction you need until it’s time to change the filter.

There are also a few rudimentary, backlit icons to tell you what pollutants are being detected, if Wi-Fi is connected, and, yes, when it’s time to change the filter.

Capable of purifying the air in a 40 square meter room in 12 minutes, it is a great purifier for large indoor spaces. If you put it in a small room, it might be a bit too dominant, but it’s very quiet most of the time, so if you don’t care about size and appearance, it could theoretically go n ‘ no matter where.

However, a large room is clearly his natural home. I use it in a double kitchen / living room.

(Image credit: Blueair)

Examen du Blueair Classic 480i: configuration

The setup is about as easy as you would like. Simply remove the shrink wrap from the supplied filter and push it into the large cavity inside the beast. You have the choice of a carbon filter that can handle smoke or a particulate filter that only deals with dust, allergens and other particles. If you are using it in the kitchen, you need the “SmokeStop” variety which is twice the price of the standard particulate filter.

There’s an option of control through the app or even Alexa voice control, and connecting to Wi-Fi is straightforward. Once installed, the Blueair app also gives you insight into your air quality right now, and over the days and weeks.

It also shows the current power setting, or automatic mode, and the time until your next filter change. It still seems a little pessimistic as it’s measured in days, but you generally won’t be using the Blueair Classic 480i around the clock, so the filter life is longer than it looks.

For me, the best thing is you can set this machine up, put it on automatic with a simple program – so it goes to bed at night – and then largely forget about it. In automatic mode, the air quality sensor tells the machine when and how fast the machine should be running to purify the air. You can override it manually if you want, but then you’ll need to turn automatic mode back on later.

You can also use it as a ground level exhaust fan and only turn it on when cooking or some other air fouling event has occurred.

(Image credit: Blueair)

Test du Blueair Classic 480i: performances

Blueair’s HEPASILENT technology is said to capture 99.97% of air pollutants including dust, mold, pet dander and pollen to relieve allergies and asthma, while the SmokeStop carbon filter also removes smoke from cooking, smoking, wood burners, etc. . It is officially rated for use in “434 square feet” rooms, which is very accurate but equates to 40 square meters. It’s not really a huge area, but it’s bigger than most air purifiers.

On its two lower power settings, the Classic 480i is very quiet. You can easily watch TV and lead a normal life without worrying about it. The upper power setting is significantly louder but still not deafening.

In normal use, this quiet giant just gets the job done of keeping the air clean with a minimum of fuss. When I start to cook, it removes smoke and fumes very well. Blueair’s claim that it cleans the air in a room up to 40m2 in 12 minutes seems pretty accurate, in fact.

The only lackluster part of the experience is the app. This has a noticeable lag, so if you change the power setting, although that change happens more or less instantly, the app will continue to display the previous setting for an extended period of time. It’s clearly not the end of the world, but it does reduce the ‘premium’ feel of what is, after all, a fairly expensive device.

The filter that came with the machine lasted me 9 months. I guess it would last around 9-12 months for most people, depending on how much you use it. Replacement filters aren’t particularly cheap – those from SmokeStop actually cost around £ 100 / $ 100, although the simpler particulate filters only cost £ 60 / $ 60.

(Image credit: Blueair)

Test du Blueair Classic 480i: verdict

There are certainly some sexier air purifiers out there than the Blueair Classic 480i, but on the other hand, it lives up to its straightforward appearance when it comes to air purification. While Dyson’s purifiers are more flashy – both more technologically advanced and more attractive – Blueair’s machine looks more stoic and efficient. He does his only job very efficiently and will not let anyone down.

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