"Blue 3" and "Creation 4" will stage a mentor stage show at the same time, it is clear who is more professional

“Blue 3” and “Creation 4” will stage a mentor stage show at the same time, it is clear who is more professional

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This year’s “Youth with You 3” and “Creation Camp 4” chose to go online on the same day. The two shows will go online at 8 o’clock this evening. Both shows are for men’s team auditions this year, so every show will make people feel bad. Contrasting consciously, the personal stage show of the instructor is the first to be staged tonight.

“Youth with You 3” this year’s tutors include Weibo Pan, Li Ronghao, Lisa and Li Yuchun, and the assistant teacher is Yu Shuxin.

“Creation Camp 4” this year’s tutors include Deng Chao, Ning Jing, Zhou Shen, Liu Yiyun, Zhou Zhennan, and Zheng Naixin’s assistant.

The lineups of mentors on both sides have their own points. The level of the mentor is very important to the trainees. What about the professional abilities of the mentors of the two programs? We might as well take a look at the tutor stage show tonight. From the stage show, we can see the professional level of each instructor.

Let’s take a look at the situation in “Youth with You 3”

Lisa’s good figure in “Lover” at a glance

Lisa took the lead in performing the song “Lover” composed by Cai Xukun in the previous season. I have to say that Lisa’s figure is too good. She wore a white one-piece suit and black boots to outline her figure perfectly. Lisa’s business ability Needless to say, watching her dance is simply enjoyable, and the audience shouted: Is this really a show I can watch for free?

Li Ronghao sang “Selfie”, the charming voice band SOLO is too shocking

Li Ronghao brought a “Selfie” that he composed many years ago. This song is very good but not one of his most popular songs. As soon as Li Ronghao opened his voice, the students and the audience were drunk, and he spoke seriously. The crisp, deep and hoarse voice is very charming, coupled with the band’s SOLO live effect is very shocking, this is another classic performance.

Wilber Pan’s “Coming home” ignited the audience’s strength without doubt

This song brought by Wilber Pan is one of his most successful masterpieces in the last two years. It has been performed in “New Rap in China” and the live effect is very shocking. As the top king who can equalize the world with Jay Chou, Wilber Pan’s strength Absolutely can stand the test of time. Rap ​​has been very popular these years, but there is not a single fan like Wilber Pan.

Let’s take a look at the mentor show of “Creation Camp”

Quiet singing is like a Spring Festival Gala performance

Tranquility is definitely not because of how good her singing and dancing are, but because of her aura blessing from the C debut of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”. The level of tranquil singing and dancing is as clear as the audience has seen last year. Tranquility is a great actor, but singing and dancing are really very old-fashioned. This stage show is more like a live performance at the Spring Festival Gala.

Zhou Shen is as stable and stunning as ever

The least controversial among the instructors of this year’s “Creation Camp” is Vocel teacher Zhou Shen. His singing level is well known, and it is also a crisp level. This year CCTV Spring Festival Gala and his predecessors sang “China in the Lights” very amazing This time, the initial stage also maintained a very high standard, which made people intoxicated.

Zhou Zhennan’s business ability is strong, but the scene lights are dragged down

Zhou Zhennan is a singing and dancing singer with eight classics, and a talented student of “Creation Camp 2019” C debut. There is no doubt about his business ability. This stage performance is still a high-level performance, but it is a pity that the live stage lighting failed. People’s eyes are very uncomfortable, and people still complain about lighting when watching Zhou Zhennan’s performance.

Deng Chao’s singing and dancing is surprising

Deng Chao and Jing Ning are both excellent actors. Jing Ning has participated in “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” for a while, but Deng Chao’s singing and jumping ability is almost zero, but this stage debut is still very amazing. It seems that for this In his second appearance, Deng Chao worked hard to practice, and it was the most surprising stage performance.

The mentor stage debuts of “Youth Have You 3” and “Creation Camp 4” are held at the same time. The audience’s eyes are discerning about who is professional and who is amateur.


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