Bloomberg: The new man in Duc will take the picture of 2 pictures 1The gas pipeline of the Northern Flow 2 project in Lubmin, Germany. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

The article of a Bloomberg reporter on February 5 states that with the advent of the new government, Virtue will abandon the Northern Flow gas pipeline project 2.

According to the post, for a while, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden will have “unpleasant discussions” about Russia and the project. Washington and Berlin divergent about this project.

Germany watch Northern currents 2 is a commercial project providing cheap Russian gas for the transition from coal and nuclear energy to renewable energy sources. Washington considers this a geopolitical project. Consequently, tensions between the US and Germany, nominally America’s closest ally, continue to increase.

[Đức, Pháp thảo luận vấn đề khu vực và quan hệ với Mỹ, Nga]

In the opinion of the author, she Merkel is “holding on to” the project just to maintain fragile peace in her alliance with the Social Democratic Party. Northern currents 2 also helped her to bargain with Mr. Biden.

Ms. Merkel also knows that the general election will be held in September, she will leave and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is expected to remain in power, but this time thanks to cooperation with the Green Party, capital strongly opposes the project./.

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