Bloodborne is playable at 60 FPS with an unofficial patch on PS4

Bloodborne is now playable at 60 FPS, but unfortunately it’s not an official patch. A modder has made the wish of many gamers come true, but it is necessary to have a PlayStation 4 or, preferably, a jailbroken PlayStation 4 Pro.

Released in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Bloodborne is an action-RPG game whose harsh and punitive gameplay has won over many players. For the latter, the main flaw of the game is its fluidity which could be improved. Indeed, Bloodborne is only playable at 30 FPS on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Bloodborne sur PS4 Pro
Bloodborne on PS4 Pro – Credit: Lance McDonald / YouTube

With the release of the PS5 which is capable of running games in 4K at 60 FPS with ray-tracing enabled, gamers were logically hoping to enjoy a bloodborne upgrade as is the case with other games including God of War for example. Nonetheless, Sony hasn’t announced any updates to Bloodborne. It’s playable on the PS5 thanks to the backward compatibility, but it continues to sting the eyes with the 30 FPS limit.

Bloodborne at 60 FPS is finally available after several years of waiting

While some modders make mods for humorous purposes like the one to sleep with Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, other modders aim to improve the gaming experience. This is the case of Lance McDonald who has started working on a solution. for play Bloodborne at 60 FPS Last year. In October 2020, Lance McDonald announced that his unofficial patch was ready. However, he waited first to see what Sony had planned. He did say that: “ out of respect for PlayStation i want them to have the first chance to put Bloodborne at 60 FPS in gamers hands ».

Sony has remained silent on the subject, so D-Day has arrived. Lance McDonald shared the unofficial patch of Bloodborne with the community. It’s available for download on his Patreon page. As the modder explained, the unofficial patch is compatible with version 1.9 of the game. However, players obviously need to be in possession of a jailbroken PS4 to be able to install it. Besides, a PlayStation 4 Pro is preferable. As you can see in the gameplay video shared by Lance McDonald below, Bloodborne’s gain in fluidity is really craving.

Still, let’s hope Sony hasn’t ditched a free Bloodborne upgrade for the PS5 yet. Recently, Destiny 2, Control, and Nioh games have already taken advantage of this. We have also explained how to check that you are playing the next-gen version of a game and not its PS4 version on your PS5.

Source : Kotaku

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