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Blood pressure monitoring device without hands is being developed

Recently, blood pressure measurements are gradually changing thanks to the development of technology. If before, the measurement was still using analog and needle-type pumps, now we have a lot of forms such as electronic measurement in the biceps, wrists, fingers, or more modern than using smartwatch. In the near future we may see a new form, measuring blood pressure just by placing a hand on a board, no need to tie or wear anything.

This new blood pressure measurement technology is being tested by Relative Health Limited in partnership with the UK National Health Service in hospitals in more than 1000 patients. According to the company representative, the reference numbers will be taken from the finger blood pressure monitor of Cardiocity Limited and from Huawei's SmartWatch2 to put into its own system called MORPHEUS to compare non-invasive blood pressure measurements. encroachment.

The data will be used AI technology for analysis and the results are evaluated fairly well, especially in terms of the time taken when the results take only 10 seconds to be able to calculate the diastolic blood pressure index and systolic. Relative Health is confident for the future of this line of meters because of the recent clinical trials they said they had a lot more information to "teach" their systems to recognize data faster, reduce deviations. or errors with traditional measurements to prepare for extensive tests before being marketed.

This is too good to get out, from the need to tie things into hand, just put on a board is finished, just fast and convenient .


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