Blood: Fresh Supply – Game Rating

Blood: Fresh Supply – Game Rating

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In 2012, Stephen Kick founded Nightdive Studios in Vancouver, Washington, USA, with the aim of "revitalizing" classic titles to their status on modern hardware. Great success that the company achieved with System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition – an upgraded version of the classic game from Looking Glass Studios is a testimony to Nightdive Studios' ambition, and then begins to lead to "rising from 6 inches" screen Turok, Wizardry, Forsaken, Strife – and most recently, Blood.

In the case of Blood It can be said to be more special, because similar to another line of Monolith Productions games is No One Lives Forever, no one knows exactly which is the true side of the brand of this classic FPS game besides the original publisher Atari. Besides, the source code of the game also "swept the wind", so it is not the right direction to take Blood come back?

Nightdive Studios' answer, that is … to redo the entire game based on KEX Engine's "chicken house" framework, reproduce all the rendering techniques and simulate AI from the original Build engine platform but now supported by new technologies, such as support for 4K resolution, environmental shading (Ambient Occlusion), pixel interpolation (Interpolation), vertical synchronization (V-Sync), antialiasing (Anti-aliasing) and more. All are packed in Blood: Fresh Supply.


As one of the three major game platforms of the Build engine, Blood always create its own mark compared to two "fellow countrymen" Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior thanks to my extremely revolutionary arsenal. Most FPS games at that time (and today) are always starting with a "pepper kid" pistol with temporary firepower, then Blood: Fresh Supply Don't hesitate to throw you a bright particle gun (flare gun) that burns enemies after a few seconds of touching the target. Instead of a knife or a sword, a trident, instead of a grenade, TNT packs, instead of a flamethrower, a pneumatic can and a lighter.

Experiencing the usual "hot goods" like shotgun, Thompson machine gun, M-16, our main character Caleb also holds a hand … exorcism doll. The needle stick to the doll and the devil will quickly dissolve into bloodstains. Listening through it seems a bit "color", but in fact it is a weapon to fire … "trimmed" is quite a fire because it damages the enemy as soon as you "fire". Its extra "firing" mode also causes the target to explode, allowing the surrounding enemies to suffer.

Right, Blood is one of the first FPS titles to take advantage of the extra firing mode assigned to the right mouse. Shotgun fired two shots at the same time, TNT allowed to set on the way and explode when the enemy stepped on, Thompson discharged a round of bullets in front of him. Certainly, not all shooting modes are useful, and sometimes they consume too much ammunition to be freely squandered, but that's still the option you have the right to take advantage of in battle.

Blood: Fresh Supply
Blood: Fresh Supply

Blood is one of the first FPS titles to take advantage of the extra firing mode assigned to the right mouse

Not only is it "strange" in the arsenal, but also the places you have experienced during the six chapters (the four chapters of the original game and two chapters of the two Cryptic Passage and Plasma Pak expansion packs) are as diverse and odd as so. Only in the first two chapters, The Way of All Flesh and Even Death May Die, do we have the opportunity to cross a train station (and directly on the ship), a dark festival with several actors dumb, an ancient shrine, a smoldering hotel complex that was greeted by a labyrinth garden, and dark tombs in the cold east of the earth. They gradually increase the size and level of agility in the layout of each stage, and thanks to the landscape and the unique atmosphere they rarely bring a sense of similarity – even though the way they connect with each other at the beginning and end of each stage is extremely clever.

However, the screen play in Blood: Fresh Supply perhaps a bit too complicated compared to the necessity, because even though I had experienced the many games on Build and id Tech in the beginning, the writer still felt like he was lost with countless times since the second half of chapter 2 onwards. Maybe better if Blood: Fresh Supply Mark the symbol of locked doors on 2D map, it will help new players easily find the next destination once they get the corresponding key.

That doesn't mean "lost" inside Blood: Fresh Supply is a hard time, because the whole screen doesn't lack a myriad of areas (and sometimes even a game screen) that secretly gives players resources, as well as creating shortcuts for help. "Walk" in the game is not too boring.

Blood: Fresh Supply


Blood: Fresh Supply built on the all-new KEX Engine platform developed by Nightdive Studios, using the original game's assets. So you absolutely do not need to worry that you have to adjust anything to make the game work properly on modern PC. Blood: Fresh Supply supports 16: 9 screen aspect ratio up to 4K resolution, Borderless Windowed mode, custom control settings to "teeth", some modern visual effects, three graphic Vulkan APIs, DX 11 and OpenGL 3.2, allow mod to release the station as well as the function of splitting the screen until … 8 parts. Of course, the biggest advantage is that you do not need to run the game via DOSBox.

At the time of launch in early May, Blood: Fresh Supply encounter the error base related to sound vibration and some other technical aspects. Up to now, in addition to enjoying a rather messy co-op mode (probably due to the netcode … sloppy), the state of the game at the present time is quite complete.

So, there is a reason to choose Blood: Fresh Supply instead of BloodGDX?

Is there any reason to choose Blood: Fresh Supply instead of BloodGDX

If you don't know, the BloodGDX is a port built on EDuke32 (the most well-known build engine builder today) made by Alexander Makarov in 2017. The BloodGDX is still considered a version Blood most complete in terms of features, most notably it supports all mods of the original Blood version.

If you're just a universal player, honestly, the difference between BloodGDX and Blood: Fresh Supply Is negligible. If you are a modder, interested in the smallest things of the first Blood version like skybox, then … there really is no difference worth mentioning between these two versions. With work Blood: Fresh Supply sold at a relatively cheap price of only 10 USD (5 USD if you own the original game), then the "plug-and-play" feature without requiring any other user action is not too expensive. Red to enjoy one of the most classic FPS titles of all time in 2019.


  • Manufacturing: Nightdive Studios
  • Release: Atari
  • Kind: Act
  • Meeting day: 9/5/2019
  • Machine system: PC


  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core at 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • VGA: GPU with OpenGL 3.2 or DirectX 10 support (256 MB)
  • HDD: 1 GB


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • CPU: Ryzen R7 1700 @ 3.7 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • VGA: MSI Rx Vega 56 Airboost
  • HDD: Samsung 950 Pro 256GB



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