Blood donation: reserves at the lowest since 2011, the EFS launches an appeal
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Blood donation: reserves at the lowest since 2011, the EFS launches an appeal

The French Blood Establishment (EFS), the body responsible for collecting blood products (blood, plasma, platelets) in France, called this Tuesday June 4th to the “general mobilization”Before lSummer, period when donations are always scarce.

We only have 85,000 bags of red blood cells in reserve, that’s a level that had not been reached since 2011 and reserves may fall even further due to Whit Monday“On June 10, an EFS spokeswoman told’AFP.

More than ever, every donation counts“, Argues the EFS, which recalls that”blood donation must be regular and constant because the lifespan of blood products is limited : 7 days for platelets, 42 days for red blood cells”. The establishment invites all those likely to be able to donate to take an hour of their time to donate blood and save lives.

On the occasion of the next World Blood Donor Day to be held on June 14, the EFS launches the operation #Take LeRelais, with nearly 7,000 collections organized throughout France between June 11 and July 13. But given the extremely low level of reserves, the EFS is calling for donations today to achieve rebuild stocks before the summer period.

To find out where to give and who can give, go to

Sources: EFS; AFP

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