Blood Bowl III – The stakes scheduled for the summer

In the 2020 report, we cannot say that sport was celebrating. Logically, during a health crisis, the atmosphere of the stadiums must remain in the locker rooms with the added bonus of social distance and a mask … Naturally, sports fans have had to turn to their televisions or video games. However, not long ago, Americans offered themselves a little respite with the Super Bowl, an iconic American football event which brought together nearly 100 million Americans in front of their screens last weekend ( figure) , proof if there is one that sport always thrills. And this one has not finished being at the party since Nacon and Cyanide just announced a release window for Blood Bowl III.

Yes, fans of US football, violence and strategy, heroic-fantasy as well as elves and sexy orcs (we do not judge please) will be in heaven, the 3rd part of this game of particular sport promises a hot summer, scorching even. Effectively, Blood Bowl III has just been announced for August for release on all current media (which consequently includes consoles in pre-retirement as well as new arrivals as well as those more difficult to defineā€¦ (Switch)).

In the event that you have lived in a cave or that you have lived confined for a little longer than the others (the concept has been around since 1987 so you have no excuses …), Blood Bowl is a series of games. game in which characters from the Warhammer universe play American football. Adapted for the first time to video game format in 1995, this third part slips at the end of the reboot operated by Cyanide and released in 2009 on PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and PSP. And we will find there everything that makes the salt of the series with the strategies of attacks and defenses, critical hits, accidental deaths and all the classes that we are used to seeing each other in the plains, forests, caves and stadiums …

We just have to wait a little longer before seeing this new arrival Blood Bowl III, due out in August on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and Series. We leave you with the last trailer of the game (which is in fact an advertisement for an alcoholic drink so, if you are young, you are warned).


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