BLM sets a record of receiving $ 90 million in donations in 2020

BLM sets a record of receiving $ 90 million in donations in 2020

In a report released on Feb. 23, the Black Lives Matter Organization (BLM) said it had received a record $ 90 million donation in 2020.

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According to Breitbart, BLM’s report did not specify the identity of those who donated money to the organization, and its leaders also refused to name the major donors.

BLM confirmed in Impact Report 2020 organization’s: “This is a record year in fundraising, matching the historic amount in the campaign budget and funding disbursement.”

Also according to the report, the $ 90 million donation is made up of both partner and individual contributions, of which about 10% are recurring and Funding averages close to $ 30 through the foundation’s main fundraising platform.

The foundation spent about $ 8.4 million on operating expenses. They also distributed more than 23% of this amount (~ $ 21.7 million) to BLM and local organizations across the US, leaving a financial balance of around $ 60 million. la.

There is coming 30 local organizations, with 23 organizations led by the black LGBTQ community, all received up to 6 figures from BLM’s fund.

“21.7 million dollars will be made available to the Black communities and to build the Black movement – towards creating a world where black lives matter”, This fund confirmed.

This report marks the first time in the movement’s nearly 8-year history that BLM leaders have revealed a detailed look at their finances.

According to the AP, the move could be due to tension or discontent between some of the movement’s grassroots organizers and leaders across the country over financial transparency, decisions and accountability. explanation from last fall.

Notably, BLM also said their website traffic has recorded a significant increase in 2020. June 2, 2020, the 7th day of the protest after the death of George Floyd, page The organization’s web site drew 1.9 million visitors – a nearly 5,000% increase from the day when the highest number of hits in March 2020, according to the report. Only in the second half of 2020, there were about 24 million people accessing this organization’s website.

BLM is also one of the organizations supporting Mr. Biden’s campaign in the 2020 US presidential election. Immediately after the election, the organization’s leader asked to meet with the Biden – Harris group to discuss on the movement’s new goal and set expectations for the upcoming administration, emphasizing that blacks “Wants to be heard and our goals must take precedence.”

BLM has also pressured Democrats to accept the BREATHE Act, which includes a requirement “The path to abolish the prison”.

The summary of the law requires the Department of Justice and the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop a plan “To completely reduce the number of people imprisoned in federal detention facilities for 10 years” and “Enacted a federal ban on the construction of new prisons, prisons, and detention camps for immigrants and young people.”

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