Blizzard gives us an appointment for its anniversary at BlizzConline

Created February 8, 1991, the Californian studio Blizzard Entertainment will celebrate its 30th anniversary next Monday. To celebrate the event, anniversary packs are already available on the official store, ranging from € 19.99 to € 59.99. A rather substantial sum, but various more or less interesting objects will be available for the main games of the studio.

In this list of items present in the different packs, we first notice that there are some for several titles and let’s say it right away, if you do not play several of these games, the packs will not be available to you. not of much use. However, these might push you to try your hand at some of the studio’s free titles like Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm or Starcraft II.

No need to jump right away on the different packs offered since several of the rewards will be added during the month. Thus, the legendary Reinhardt skin as well as the player icon and the tag for Overwatch will arrive no later than February 18, as will the items of Diablo III which will be made available to you before the last day of the month on PC and Mac. only.

Pack purchases are limited to one per account, but it will be possible to upgrade to a higher version if desired. However, you will have to be careful since this upgrade to a higher pack will not unlock items already in your possession. This drawback will be felt for players who already own Tracer in Heroes of the Storm since the pack will not allow you to unlock it a second time, which further reduces the number of rewards available to celebrate this 30th anniversary.

The most interesting items will remain the chests for Overwatch, the ten boosters for Hearthstone as well as the thirty days of playing time for World of Warcraft. Note also the presence of a 15% discount coupon on the Blizzard Gear Store, which may however be subject to various restrictions depending on the country. We can only advise you to try the different titles of the studio, for the most part very successful and still possessing a very dynamic fanbase today.

And if you are a fan of several of these games, the packs will remain available for a good part of the year, until September 15, 2021. These are more of a solution for Blizzard to keep players active and attract new players while waiting for the release of their next titles like Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV, which we hope to receive good news from during BlizzConline 2021.

This year, Blizzard’s famous annual convention will take place online and will be completely free. Indeed, in previous years, it was possible to follow only the opening and closing ceremonies for free. But at the start of the year more than particular, due to the global health crisis, the event will be broadcast online via the official BlizzCon website and the usual platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

The little extra brought to this convention will be the creation of six channels dedicated to the different games of the studio. This will allow you to choose which conference to watch live and replays will be made available later in the BlizzConline video archive. The detailed schedule will be revealed in the coming weeks and we’ll be sure to cover the event.

As a reminder, the BlizzConline will take place on the night of Friday February 19 to Saturday February 20 and will honor the work of the community with the dissemination of fan-arts, drawings and cosplays. After the animation competition for students from different schools on the theme of Overwatch, Blizzard Still wishes to thank its community and promises us two evenings of celebration which will help us to wait a little while waiting for their next titles.


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