Bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy

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Many pregnant women are frightened when they menstruate during pregnancy. However, what happens it’s not menstruation, but bleeds that can have simple causes or more serious origins, and can even put the baby’s life at risk. Therefore, always consult your doctor when bleeding during pregnancy.

  • Bleeding in early pregnancy

  • Bleeding in late pregnancy

  • Bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy

  • Other causes of bleeding in pregnancy

  • What to do when bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding in early pregnancy

The possible causes of bleeding during pregnancy vary according to the gestational period the woman is in. In the first trimester of pregnancy, blood loss can be caused by the very conception, fur placental detachment or in cases of ectopic pregnancy (when the baby develops outside the mother’s womb).

Bleeding in late pregnancy

In the second semester, the main factor that causes bleeding in pregnancy is a inflammation in the uterus.

Bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy

In the third quarter, the causes are placental detachment and the beginning of labor.

Other causes of bleeding in pregnancy

In addition, cases of miscarriage they also cause bleeding, which is usually more abundant than the others. Another cause of blood loss, most common in the final trimester of pregnancy, is sexual intercourse.

What to do when bleeding during pregnancy

First of all, look for a doctor as soon as possible so that he can do the necessary tests to identify the cause of the problem. In addition, it is important to be aware of some bleeding characteristics that indicate the possibility of more severe conditions. The main one is the frequency blood loss. Attention should also be paid to blood staining and if bleeding is accompanied by pregnant fever.

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