Blazing Beaks – Big Poultry Promo at Big N

Blazing Beaks is a very nice little vent, of the kind we call twin-stick shooter, because, when viewed from above, on Switch, we use the left stick to move the character and the right stick to direct the shot. In closed arenas, you direct birds (ducks, chickens, parrots …) to shovel many enemies of all kinds (boss-fights are obviously very present). See instead.

We will eventually think of a Smash TV because of these closed levels in which, as you progress, you will be attacked by a growing number of mutants and other aliens in shambles. Obviously, several weapons will be to acquire, according to the preferences of each one.

The game has a story mode, although we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s not great literature. You can browse it alone or with friends, but only locally, there is no online multiplayer in this game. You will also be able, always locally, to have fun with friends in these small arenas. Daily challenges are offered, like on a mobile free-to-play, a bit.

Blazing Beaks is only available on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. It costs € 14.99 on both platforms, so it’s up to you to decide if the game is worth the candle. On the other hand, on Switch, it currently benefits from a massive promo, while the PC version has not changed price. You will have to pay only 1.99 € currently, until February 7th., so if you like hairy top-down shots, alone or with friends / foes, this is probably the best time to treat yourself.

About ten characters with different characters are available, some being present as standard, others to unlock. Weapons also vary between each. Enough for you to type a good little single-player campaign at a low price, but also with several friends, but be careful, all this before 6 p.m., of course!


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