"Black Widow" hit the box office, and it collected 1 billion in the first week of its release, and won the global box office champion!

“Black Widow” hit the box office, and it collected 1 billion in the first week of its release, and won the global box office champion!

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The Marvel blockbuster “Black Widow” was released in North America on July 9, 2021, and it landed on theaters and online platforms at the same time. However, the theater box office is still hot and easily won the championship.

On the first day of the show, “Black Widow” had a box office revenue of 39.5 million U.S. dollars. The three-day box office revenue of the first weekend was 80 million U.S. dollars, which is about 517 million yuan in RMB. “Fast and Furious 9” earned $70 million at the box office for three days in the first weekend in North America.

The second place in the North American box office rankings is “Fast and Furious 9”. “Fast and Furious 9” was released in North America on June 25, and its box office performance was lower than expected.

If it is not affected by the epidemic, the box office results of “Black Widow” will definitely be even more popular. After all, this is the last Marvel movie of Widow Sister.

Regrettably, “Black Widow” has not been introduced in mainland China at the same time, and the schedule has not been announced so far.

“Black Widow” has an overseas box office revenue of approximately US$78 million. The global box office revenue of its premiere exceeds US$158 million, which is about 1 billion yuan converted into RMB, and won the global box office championship. If it can be released simultaneously in mainland China, the global box office will definitely be more popular, but it is a pity that the release schedule is not well selected.

At present, the rating of “Black Widow” on the Douban platform has dropped to 6.6 points, and the number of ratings has exceeded 60,000. The rating is even lower than “Captain Marvel”. It is a pity. Relatively speaking, the evaluation of “Black Widow” by foreign fans Higher.

“Black Widow” is of course a Marvel movie worth watching. It has the feeling of a spy war action movie. The story has a tight rhythm and shocking action scenes. The viewing experience is not bad.

This is the first movie of the Marvel Universe in 2021, and three new films, “Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, “Eternal Family”, and “Spider-Man: Heroes Without Home” will be presented. The Marvel movies will be concentrated in 2021. It broke out in the second half of the year.

After Iron Man, Beauty Team and Black Widow all bid farewell to Marvel movies, Marvel urgently needed to create a brand new superhero, so it launched “Shangqi and Ten Rings Legend” and “Eternal Clan”, “Shangqi and Ten Rings” The controversy of “Legend” is louder, and “Eternal Race” is even more exciting. Spider-Man succeeds Iron Man, and now he can only rely on Spider-Man to carry the banner.


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