“Black Origin”, a jazz journey that breaks through the interactive narrative

“Genesis Noir” is the kind of interactive narrative game that will not affect the actual experience even if it is interpreted in some content. This is still rare in this genre. After all, interactive narrative gameplay is It serves narrative.

Of course, this kind of game that looks very poetic and picturesque can easily fall into the trap of false screens, especially its introduction is still so grand and empty.

You can’t feel this kind of “artistic” game of stream of consciousness + excessive drug use.


Since our universe was born at a singularity during the Big Bang, the whole world may eventually become a huge black hole. We call this theory the “Great Collapse”.

This theory is thought-provoking, but we believe that our destiny will not be like this.

——”Black Origin” Chapter 10 “Sowing”

Black and white color blocks and lines, film-like splits, jazz swings, from the Big Bang to the return of the singularity, “Black Origin” uses a high-quality three or four-hour immersive film experience to bring A strange explosion of stream of consciousness.

Although the setting of the love triangle, coupled with the story of saving the goddess through the big bang of the universe, sounds so second-rate, but “Black Origin” is by no means only a superficial work of science fiction symbols.

The protagonist was a watch seller when he first appeared, yes, literally. The game is almost explicit, this is a story about time.

At the moment when he witnessed the golden boy shooting Madame Gravity, the protagonist received divine help at the apex of this fierce conflict. Time is stagnant, and the protagonist travels from the beam of the pistol to the beginning of the Big Bang, looking for a way to save his beloved.

This sounds really like a flow of consciousness to the extreme. We “watch” the protagonist from the Big Bang until the formation of stars, the birth of life, the explosion of supernova, and everything returns to the singularity. The singularity clockwork is his weapon, and the four travellers interspersed in time are his spiritual companions, traveling to the birth of the universe until the end of all things, just to save the lover.

The expression of “Black Origin” is very cinematic. Neither the storyboard nor the transition has the “level” sense of the game in the traditional sense. It is supplemented by a large number of perspective changes, and the strong visual characteristics of the lines and the impact of light and shadow. It is hard to say whether it is an interactive movie or a visual book.

The interaction design is completely complementary to the immersive sense of “Black Origin”, and it is completely natural to the overall narrative and movie viewing experience.

Its unique color may need to trace the developer’s source of inspiration. On the official website of “Black Origin”, the developer said that its creation was inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino’s “The Complete Works of Universe Interests”. This contemporary writer who has won the Nobel Prize for Literature has “reconstructed” the structure of modernist literature. “The Complete Works of the Universe” obviously possesses such a strong experimental nature. It is not a traditional Jules Verne-style science fiction. The story is an abstract expression of science fiction symbols in allegorical style. This is probably the source of the unique personal touch of the game “Black Origin”.

Here we can learn a little bit about “The Complete Works of the Wonders of the Universe”, as a very stream-of-conscious sci-fi fable, the protagonist in the book has a weird name, old QFWFQ.

The character behind this unreadable name is also an immaterial existence, but it is also not a god, or even a fixed form. In the “A Little Story” chapter, the old QFWFQ and other “residents” squeeze among the singularities before the Big Bang, while in the “Universal Dinosaurs” chapter, it is a prehistoric dinosaur, but more At that time, we cannot judge what role the old QFWFQ is playing, but we can be sure that no god in any belief system will be in this state.

It can be regarded as a high-dimensional life body, or just as a carrier, conveying these fables.

The narrative perspective of “The Complete Works of Wonders of the Universe” is omniscience and omnipotence. Of course, with human cognition, it is never possible to actually write the state of “omniscience and omnipotence”. Therefore, Calvino’s literary writing power is enlarged. The spontaneous state throughout, as if traveling through every corner of the universe and every node of the time axis is as natural as breathing. The allegorical style deepens the sense of picture brought by poetry. As a reader, it is hard not to believe it. This is indeed an omnipotent perspective.

It just so happens that in “Black Origin”, the protagonist is also adventuring from a high-dimensional perspective. He seems to have participated in every stage of the Big Bang. If you put it under the framework of a fable, you, as a player, seem to be able to accept humans. The performance of behavior on a cosmic scale.

“Black Origin” is an attempt to transform this omnipotent narrative style into a game expression.

From disharmony to harmony

10^(-37) seconds after the big bang, the density of this energy fluctuates extremely slightly. The surface of creation was originally extremely flat and barren, but now it has become pitted, like fertile soil.

These imperfections of energy have become the seeds of stars, galaxies and the structure of the universe.

——The first chapter of “Black Origin” “Sowing”

What’s even better is that it is the player who actually manipulates the universe from a high dimension. This is the best part of the game carrier. You must always have a concept in your mind—you are transcending time and space, always remember Live your God identity.

“Black Origin” has not forgotten that it is a game, rather than the author’s irresponsible and willful expression. It obviously has a great understanding of the game. Interaction design is fully integrated into self-expression, as well as the fitting exploration of the theme of interactive narration in interaction design.

In the chapter “Sowing”, the protagonist searches for and sows 7 seeds. Combined with the description of the chapter introduction, we can understand it as “God created the world in 7 days”.

And each seed is planted and then born, there is a completely different interactive design and visual expression.

For example, the birth of this plant requires the player to adjust the amplitude of the soil to a harmonious degree. When you are trying to change the frequency, at least three links in the interaction subtly affect the player’s behavior, including the obstruction of the cursor, the gradual sound effect, and Harmonious visual effects of ups and downs.

The birth of this plant more intuitively reflects the player’s ability as a high-dimensional creature. The process of seed rooting in the soil encounters obstacles. Players can directly grab the obstacles from the fourth dimension (or higher dimension?) and Does not destroy the original soil structure.

Manipulate time, change reality from a high dimension, and change the past from a higher dimension. There is no language or other obvious instructions in the entire game process. When you explore in the game, you will naturally feel all kinds of disharmony to harmony in the interaction design. process.

This kind of God’s perspective and omnipotent puzzle-solving method is given an explanation that conforms to the world view in the game. Another subtle intention is that the real power (player) is instinctively controlling this universe.

In the beginning, every time a plant is planted, the protagonist will scratch his head. When the player manipulates him to run around, he looks like a person who is scratching his head without knowing how to spin around.

In the dark, the villain controlled by the player seemed to understand something. When the last seed was planted, he no longer took the initiative to dig the soil, observe, and think of ways, but lay down and sleep. He knew that when he When you wake up, everything will be arranged.

Responding to the universe

The radio waves generated by the Big Bang echoed throughout the universe, and their vibration recorded the moment of collaboration.

Electrons and protons were fiery rivals, now calm down, let go of the past, and come together to create the original elements together and leave a song that is still playing in the background of the universe.

This phenomenon is called cosmic background radiation. Scientists can hear the moment of the big bang and draw the timeline of the birth of the universe.

——”Black Origin” Chapter 7 “Improvisation”

Poetic language runs through “Black Origin”, including words, pictures, interactions and stories, all of which point to the most magnificent and terrifying picture of the universe.

If you use human language to respond to the universe, the answer given by the production team must be “jazz”.

Before the game gradually moves towards the ultimate psychedelic and ultimate, Chapter 7 “Improvisation” uses a whole chapter to let players feel the casual freedom and sexy of jazz.

In several scenes, players can perform freely, and the well-designed accompaniment in the game will make your “ghost paintings” pleasant enough, just like the freedom of jazz itself.

This meaning of freedom and romance is not only in the soundtrack itself, but also in every detail of each chapter.

The golden boy that the protagonist has been chasing, the murderer who shot at the lover “Ms. Gravity”, is also the golden partner of Lady Gravitation. The protagonist looks at him on the shore, ignoring his back, and claps in the saxophone music he plays. .

The end has finally come, and the humans on earth flee in the space fleet. Each spacecraft has its own purpose, specifications, passenger list, and human messages.

The four characters who accompany the protagonist through each journey over a long period of time-primitive hunter, Japanese ronin, street musician, black hole scientist, and finally merged into a sexualless person served by the holy halo, which reminds us of “The Devil” The last intersex Satan of “Man”, the protagonist in the last journey is like companionship, attachment, and bewitching. When the protagonist faces the final decision, his sentence “You don’t need to save anyone” is like a devil whispering to bewitching his heart.

Mankind launched Voyager 1 in 1977, carrying a golden record. During the golden age of space exploration, mankind’s yearning for extraterrestrial civilization was condensed in the golden record’s greeting voice in 55 languages. In “Black Origin”, you will find this most famous record in human history in outer space, and it contains all the sound sources in it.

In “Black Origin”, language is not pale, creation and destruction are both sexy.


However, imagination can turn the dark unknown into a myth.

A world has walked out of this unknown mist in a familiar form. Your thoughts turned an elusive plume of smoke into body, steel, and rock. Your experience has reshaped the world and made it permanent.

You gave it a name.

You call it a constant.

-“Black Origin” prologue

The color of the stream of consciousness inevitably makes people fall into the trap of the “riddler”, but the expression of “Black Origin” is obviously not an explanation forcibly obtained after bringing the narrative style of “The Complete Works of Universe” into the game. Design ideas that players can feel from the beginning.

No need, really no need…

The first thing that reminded me was Liu Cixin’s sci-fi fairy tale “Burning Fire Workers”-he used sci-fi techniques to interpret a poetic and sad story about lighting the sun, and then some other interactive narrative games in recent years.

Interactive narrative games have evolved from the traditional mode of broadcast + click to select, into a variety of interpretation methods that are closer to art. In 2016, “Fire Watcher” was born under the trend of Zen walking simulators, but a work that stands out. It uses the emotional expression of the scene and the way of solving puzzles in the Galaxy City map, showing the interaction design in the game narrative. The sense of immersion and the essence of the gameplay part can be used for linear narrative.

Later, the picture of “Memory of Eddie Finch” appeared, which is considered to be the development of interactive narrative games that broke through the limitations. Each of its designs serves the narrative, dazzling skills as much as possible, in the strange story. Enjoy the genius ideas of the creators. It’s just that “Memory of Eddie Finch” is the kind of “big production” that wants to compete for the game of the year on TGA, while “Black Origin” is more like IGF’s award-winning work, more private, and requires a certain mentality. The fit.

My love, Lady Gravity, I wonder if you are saved. The dark unknown is what you look like.

We give it a name.

We call it constant.

——”Black Origin” Final Chapter “Constant”

Source: Game Think Tank
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