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What is the genesis of Projekt Endstation appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War really? Let’s find out with Game nerd!

Coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, gamers will have the opportunity to have access to completely new zombie-killing experiences, unlike in previous Black Ops versions. It can be said that the plot and timeline of this brand are the main factors, helping to make the legend of Nazi Zombie famous. However, instead of the zombie antagonist of the Nazis like the previous games, this time in the BOCW will be the secret Soviet fictional organizations during the Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies - The truth behind Projekt Endstation

After this game was released, together with the appearance of secret projects (of course fictional in the game) like ‘Projekt Endstation’, we really realized that all events were and going on in the Aether timeline, just the beginning of the Dark Aether universe. If so, what is Projekt Endstation really? Let’s find out together!

The Origin of Projekt Endstation

Projekt Endstation (Project Endstation) is a secret complex created by Dr. Kurt Diebner during World War II. Located in a remote location in the Morasko region of Poland. This project, managed and directed by Dr. Ulrich Vogel, aims to create a variety of terribly devastating atomic weapons using a cyclotron particle accelerator that they are in the process of testing. experience and development.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies - The truth behind Projekt Endstation

On March 7, 1944, the machine unexpectedly encountered many technical problems, creating a giant crack between dimensions and through space to Dark Aether, a universe surrounded by dark energy. darkness, parallel to the universe of our humanity.

As soon as this great scientific discovery was discovered, they decided to turn their development from arms race, to weapon of mass destruction (WMD), to harness the power of Aetherium stone (Aetherium Crystal) exists in Dark Aether.

On January 27, 1945, the Nazis suddenly lost control of Project Endstation, the entire experimental facility was invaded by thousands of zombies, causing them to seal and abandon the complex. Some time later, the Soviet Union accidentally discovered this area and after realizing that this was ‘something’ beyond human understanding, they decided to find a way to completely disable the machine. particle acceleration. After much effort and not knowing how many soldiers had fallen, this noble mission was finally successfully accomplished.

The appearance of Omega Group (The Omega Group)

In 1983, with the ambition to end the Cold War and tilt the balance of power on its side, the Russian government now decided to set up a secret military unit, called the Omega Group. The main purpose of this unit is to learn, research and exploit all things related to Projekt Endstation, from all weapons to all the supernatural elements that this project owns.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies - The truth behind Projekt Endstation

Under the orders of Lieutenant Orlov, Omega Group successfully re-activated the cyclotron particle accelerator however, they did not know that this accidentally created many space cracks around the world and the invasion of zombie corps officially started.

Projekt Endstation Inventions and Results

It can be said that the creation of Requiem (a CIA-backed intelligence unit) was one of the main factors that helped make the Dark Aether universe interesting for Black Ops Cold War. Their main goal is to approach Project Endstation’s experimental facilities, then find a way to prevent the Dark Aether’s supernatural forces from invading the world. During his ‘work’, Requiem revived Lieutenant Orlov. With his help, they successfully destroyed the giant cyclotron particle accelerator and put an end to all the Nazi supernatural experiments.

In addition, this project has other interesting discoveries worth mentioning throughout the experience. One of them is DIE Maschine (Decompressive Isotropic Estrangement Machine), understandably speaking, this is a tool developed and used to exploit the energy that Aetherium Crystals emit, at the same time. of the first level of Zombie mode in Black Ops Cold War.

Next is a special glasses called Aetherscope, capable of detecting supernatural phenomena that appear outside the scope of human space and time. These glasses can allow the user to see reflections from transient events from other dimensions.

The last ‘great’ creation is Der Wechsler, a laboratory developed by Dr. Vogel, able to restore full brain function to all people who have been exposed to the Aetherium Crystals in Dark Aether. Although considered the most effective solution to the problem of ‘zombieization’, in 1945, one of the necessary catalysts was suddenly stolen and hidden in a place that no one can find.

Overall, we can see this as the exciting start of a new chapter for the Call of Duty Zombie universe. Thereby, developer Treyarch has added many new opportunities to reform and bring more engaging experiences to his famous zombie killing mode. Hopefully in the future, NSX can continue to maximize creativity and expand the storyline for the Dark Aether timeline, not simply ‘ruminating’ the old gameplay from the game. Predecessor.

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