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Black Friday Gifts For Photographers

Black Friday came out of nowhere in the UK just a few years ago. Camera and lens manufacturers have embraced it as an opportunity to extend pre-Christmas offers to photographers. For 2019 the event falls on Friday 29th November and we are excited to see what cashbacks and discounts will be made available. With this in mind we have asked a range of photographers what they would like if their significant other decided to splurge on a gift for them, everyone loves a treat especially if it is a bargain. In this post we’ll explore some camera gear to suit any budget and why your partner might be excited to receive a present with one of these inside.

Organisation for photographers – AKA a new camera bag. Yes please

Camera bags are a bit like smart phones. No matter how big the storage capacity, they always seems to get filled eventually! Photography offers us the opportunity to explore different styles of shooting and they all require different photographic equipment to some degree. What may seem like an insignificant problem does sometimes hamper photographers’ ability to carry the right gear for a particular project. Look out for some amazing deals on camera bags including camera backpacks and shoulder bags for camera gear, providing a great organisational present for photographers.

Drone gifts for aerial photography – a new perspective

Photography is about capturing great images and video, telling a visual story and sharing experiences with the world. In a continual bid to capture unique perspectives, locations and scenes, photographers are finding that drones are providing a compelling new avenue to explore. Whether for work in estate agent photography, Youtube B-roll or shooting epic scenes for your own website, drones make for an excellent Black Friday gift for photographers. DJI have established themselves as one of the most successful manufacturers in the world. As such they offer a number of capable models for beginners to advanced pilots. I cannot think of many photographers who would not revel in the opportunity to join in with the growing number of fellow enthusiasts to learn a new skill and capture high definition video and stills images. The newly announced DJI Mavic Mini drone could make the ideal gift, with cutting edge collision technology and featherweight long-distance capabilities.

Newly announced DJI Mavic Mini drone. We would like this as a present!

Action cameras for outdoor enthusiasts

Following along with the theme of outdoor photography, an action camera makes a compelling gift idea. What makes these so exciting is the possibility to record a range of photos and videos in extreme and sports scenarios, without having to carry a load of gear. You can strap them to your mountain bike, attach them to your helmet for paragliding, take them snowboarding and even add a waterproof case and shoot video while sailing. The possibilities are endless.

GoPro have pioneered the way with a host of HERO action cameras featuring high quality 1080p video and improved wind reducing audio recording. The popular GoPro Hero 8 is their latest addition, which accumulates their extensive experience in producing high quality and robust cameras. If your budget will stretch, the Ricoh Theta Z1 is an excellent candidate for a Black Friday gift. It is a minuscule take-anywhere 360 action camera, which captures 4K spherical video and huge 23MP images. Finally, the DJI’s new Osmo Action is a newer product, which provides an alternative to GoPro. It is 4K ready and waterproof out of the box, which presents a strong case for an affordable ready to shoot action camera.

Ricoh Theta Z1 - A perfect gift in so many colour options

How about a portable compact camera?

With many of us photographers toting a DSLR or mirrorless system, why would we recommend a point and shoot camera as a gift? Well, for those of us with ageing backs, or a desire to sometimes explore photography without bringing said backpacks, interchangeable lenses and everything else, a small, lightweight and easy to carry compact camera would be most welcome. Technology has come a long way recently, and there are some highly advanced yet miniature cameras on the market today. Many offer high quality 4K video which our main camera body does not always, and some come with ultra-zooms and extremely high quality lenses.

One of the newest models, if you have a higher budget, which also boasts changeable lenses is the Fujifilm X-A7 lens kit combining the X-A7 body With Fujinon XC 15-45mm. Fuji have beautiful colour science, along with excellent lenses and provide all of the latest technology including excellent AF and 4K video.

Achingly pretty Fuji A-A7 with lens. Pssibly the perfect gift for a photographer

For a lower budget but with equal stills and video capability we would most like a Sony DSC HX95. These pack a whopping long 24-720mm lens capability and still offer 4K video. The main difference being the lack of changeable lens. This is not a compromise, rather the ultimate in easy to carry portability, which many photographers would secretly love! In fact, the Sony is the worlds smallest camera with that particular zoom range, so bragging rights may be enlisted! It also includes image stabilisation, eye autofocus and a lot of technology that photographers will appreciate. If you are heading away together on holiday, a compact camera might just persuade your other half to leave all of their ‘main’ gear at home. That could be a win-win in our book! We recently reviewed the Sony RX100 VII in our blog, which is well worth a read when considering a compact camera.

A new lens for any occasion

If you are particularly aware of the brand, or style of photography which your gift recipient shoots, you might consider a new lens as perhaps the most thoughtful addition to their hobby (or job). Camera lenses make a huge difference as to which type of photograph you can capture and come in every conceivable shape and size for any style, in both zoom or prime models. It’s impossible to say what every lens is for, but here is a general outline for the purpose of buying a gift:

Wide angles tend to be best for subjects such as:

  • architecture and cityscapes
  • landscapes and seascapes
  • interiors

Standard or ‘normal’ is the term for focal lengths similar to our general field of vision and potentially the most versatile without having to purchase a zoom. Perfect for:

  • portraits
  • documentary
  • street
  • cities and travel
  • wider general scenes

Telephoto lenses refers to longer lenses able to capture distant subjects. These might appeal to photographers who enjoy:

  • nature and wildlife
  • bird watching
  • sports and action

There have been a host of new lens announcements, which we try and cover in our blog, see the new Canon RF Lenses here for mirrorless users and if budget has no limit or you simply love Sony, our review of their two new telephoto lenses is also a great read.

So we hope that you have found this post useful if you are looking for a photography gift. We appreciate it comes across as somewhat self-promotional. With that said, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to photographers both amateur and professional, with competitive pricing and expert staff in our two stores. In fact we’ve been shortlisted for the 2019 Sussex E Commerce Business Awards. This shows our commitment to providing the best service possible and maintaining long lasting relationships.

If you would like to register and be amongst the first to hear about our Black Friday camera equipment deals we promise to keep you informed until you tell us otherwise. We’ll also be having some exclusive in-store only offers which might appeal if you are visiting London or Sussex. Happy shopping! (Nick Dautlich)

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