BizFly Cloud solves the personnel problems for businesses in digital transformation

Digitization does not mean denuclearization. Without a strong involvement and not taking into account the human factor at all levels, businesses are always at risk of failure in most of their digital transformation projects.

Digital transformation is not just a project and it does not imply just implementing digital tools. This is a story about people – one of the important factors placed next to technology to achieve success. Businesses need to create positive influences and changes to the internal culture, facilitate cooperation among employees in the organization, offer new ways of interacting, working and learning in an interactive way. .

Many businesses are left behind because they cannot adapt to change, especially the human element. Technology, situation, strategies change rapidly, and employees need to be adapted at the same pace so that businesses don’t fall behind. Cloud is a technology that will help businesses perfect the human element in this difficult digital transformation process.

1. The cloud enhances the ability to communicate and collaborate at work among employees in the business more often and effectively.

Cloud computing paves the way for remote and digital communication methods to help businesses accomplish this. In the digital context, businesses have to be more creative in channels to allow employees to do new jobs, and behavior and thinking need to be faster. Make changes by staying away from traditional channels that only support one-way communication and towards more interactive platforms (like internal social media) that allow open conversations across the organization. BizFly Cloud with strong infrastructure and high stability, unlimited scalability helps businesses avoid overload when internal users simultaneously access these applications at the same time.

Converting news means businesses must put cooperation first. It is impossible to have a “team” if it cannot operate “as a team”. The cloud platform of BizFly Cloud will simplify the collaboration process. Group members can view and share information easily and securely. The cloud-based platform of BizFly Cloud provides a collaborative social space to connect employees throughout the enterprise, increasing the interest and participation of members. Collaboration may not need a cloud solution, but without it, the cooperation process would never be easy and effective.

2. Cloud supports upgrading of daily tools for personnel in the process of digital transformation

Businesses need to implement self-service digital technologies for employees. For employees who have a lot to do, there is nothing more annoying than waiting for a system update to install. The cloud-based applications of BizFly Cloud will automatically refresh and update themselves, instead of forcing IT staff to perform it for the entire enterprise manually. This saves time and money, and businesses can invest that savings for other digital conversion projects.

Converting news means businesses must put cooperation first. It is impossible to have a “team” if it cannot operate “as a team”.

Besides, businesses need to focus on technology in operation, modify standard operating procedures to apply new technologies. In addition to these factors, the increase in data-based decision making and the use of interactive tools can double the likelihood of successful conversion. Therefore, data is an invaluable and indispensable asset of a business.

If the business does not invest in cloud computing solutions, all valuable data will always be attached to office computers. This may not seem like a problem, but in fact if the hardware goes down, the data is in danger of disappearing forever. Computers can malfunction for a variety of reasons, including virus infections, hardware failures, and employee-generated errors. Data may be lost or stolen.

In the cloud of BizFly Cloud, all information will be uploaded to the cloud safely and easily accessible from any computer with an internet connection, employees will be more efficient when the data is always full. and ready.

BizFly Cloud is a cloud computing ecosystem operated by VCCorp – a leading company in the field of communications and internet in Vietnam. With a team of highly qualified technicians and long-term experience working on different technologies such as cloud, mobile, web … we have enough ability to support giving useful advice and technology. Comprehensive help businesses convert digital success.

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