“Bioshock” studio updated recruitment information: seeking world-class designers!

K2K established a wholly-owned studio Cloud Chamber in December 2019. And his mission is to devote to the development and production of new works of the world-renowned “Bioshock” series. Just recently, Cloud Chamber’s official website updated its recruitment information to show that they are looking for a world-class chief designer for the new bioshock.

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The signboard information mentioned that the thrill and responsibility of creating a new work of such a popular IP is the motivation for the studio to move forward. Now it is necessary for such a designer to create a new universe of Bioshock and realize it in the game. “The chief designer brings a rich and dynamic game world to life and uses it to create emotional experiences that resonate with players. What the designer needs to care about is how to feel real in the game world. Hope you know Create a fascinating system environment with a deep understanding and don’t treat players as fools. “

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Recruitment information (part)

刺 “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” screenwriter Melissa MacCoubrey has joined Cloud Chamber as the creative deputy director to participate in the development of the new work “Bioshock”. I wonder how the future chief designer will inherit the fine traditions of the series? At present, the official title of the new game “Bioshock” and the landing platform are not public, and players still need some time to wait.

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