Biomutant Guide – How to choose the right class

From the first minutes of play, Biomutant asks you to make many decisions about your character. You will have to choose a species, assign attribute and resistance points, select a class, all this while considering your appearance. Let’s face it, so early in the game it’s hard to know what to choose.

That’s why we decided to bring you this character creation guide for Biomutant. We will try to give you as much light as possible on the different attributes and statistics that you will need to choose, and we will detail the classes available to you. Throughout the guide, we’ll also give you some suggestions for creating a simple and effective first character.

Attributes and statistics

Instead of making a silly and nasty list of attributes and stats that define your avatar, we’ll instead tackle the subject in the most organic way possible, which is how those stats will influence the way you interact with the avatar. world of Biomutant. Your character is defined by six very classic RPG attributes (Vitality, Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Charisma and Luck) and ten additional stats that flow from the first six.

Statistical biomutant


First extremely important thing to know: dodge has nothing to do with your Agility attribute or Vitality. Indeed, your endurance bar is not linked to Vitality points (the paragraph on the Intelligence attribute will tell you more). This statistic is only taken into account only for your amount of health and for your ability to take hits.


Each character has three possibilities for combat: melee, distance and magic (psi powers and mutations). Melee damage is tied to your strength attribute (surprisingly, isn’t it?) And corresponds to the melee damage value, which is added to your weapon’s base damage. As to ranged damage, they are determined only by the weapon you have, without any other addition or modification of attributes.


This is arguably one of the most important attributes of your character creation.. Indeed, the damage caused by psi powers and mutations is determined by the Intelligence attribute and the Power statistic, but your stamina is also based on this attribute!

Unlike Souls-like for example, where the endurance bar is linked to an eponymous statistic, in Biomutant, you don’t have a “traditional” stamina bar. Instead, you have a reserve of Ki (your life energy) related to your Intelligence attribute. Your Ki pool is used for just about everything: from dodging and magic to your psi powers and mutations. Each of these actions clears this bar, and your “energy regeneration” statistic underlying the Intellect attribute determines how quickly it fills up. Do not neglect it !


In the world of Biomutant, as in any good open-world, and especially as an animal, you will have to run everywhere. Your movement speed depends directly on the Agility attribute. A crucial element if you want to be able to blaze your trail at high speed in these green expanses, and be faster than your enemies.


Charisma is not to be forgotten, especially if you want to favor a game more focused on storytelling, because it changes your dialogue options when speaking with NPCs. In merchants, this attribute determines your Flea Market statistic which increases the Green (the local currency) you get by selling items and decreases the cost of purchasing items.


The last attribute related to combat is Luck. High Chance increases your chance to deal critical hits and therefore inflict serious damage. Once you’ve taken down enemies, luck also determines your chances of picking up better or rarer loot using the Loot Chance stat.

Now that we know what the stats mean, let’s get into the actual character creation.

biomutant species

Choose your species

The species in the Experiment 101 software loosely correspond to the various races that one can choose from in classic RPGs. The chosen species grants some bonus / penalty to certain statistics.

  • Primal is your basic choice. It will serve as a benchmark, and we can compare other species to this one. He is the ideal choice for a first run, or if you are undecided. (The following bonus penalties are expressed in relation to the Primal.)
  • Dumdon has a slight penalty on energy regeneration but increases ki-energy pool and melee damage. A great choice if you want a melee fighter, with solid dodges.
  • Rex Has a critical hit chance penalty, but has a nice bonus to health, potency, ki-energy, and energy regeneration. Ideal if you want to go on a magician / psychic.
  • Hyla receives a decrease on energy regeneration and critical chance, but has increased health, armor, potency, and ki energy. What to do you a good Tank.
  • Fip reduces crit chance, and increases potency, ki energy, and energy regenerations. It may be a good option for a magician-warrior.
  • Murgel Slightly loses energy regeneration, increases potency and ki slightly, and dramatically increases your barter stats and loot chance. If you have the soul of a craftsman and you think you are embarking on crafting, this species is for you.

Mutations and resistances

Once you’ve chosen your species, it’s time to mutate your character and change their attributes. You have a total of 140 points to distribute, knowing that the attributes only go from 10 to 100. By default, the five attributes are set at 28, and the chance always remains at 10.

You can only increase one or two attributes at a time, that is, two attributes located next to each other on the outer band of the mutation circle. Remember that by increasing one attribute, you decrease three or four others..

For your first creation, stay close to the center of the circle. If you go too far out of focus, your other stats will really take a hit. To make your job easier on a first run, we recommend that you bet on Strength or Strength and Vitality for a melee character, or to emphasize on the Intellect or the Intellect and the Charisma for a psychic magician.

Let’s move on to the next step: resistances. There are four types of elemental damage in Biomutant : heat, contamination, cold and radioactivity. You will assign your resistance the same way you assigned your attributes. All resistances start at 6%. When you move the cursor inside the circle you rearrange these 24 points, if you move away you distribute them. To make it easier for you at the start, focus on heat and / or radioactivity, these two elements can quickly cause you to lose a lot of health.

Once done, a quick customization of your fur is offered to you. Next, let’s get down to business with class choice.

Too much class!

Just before jumping headlong into the choice of classes, let us note that the classes of Biomutant aren’t as strict or even as permanent as you find in other RPGs. What you are going to choose here are actually your starting skills and equipment.. You will be able to modify them, change equipment and acquire new skills as your adventure progresses.

biomutant classes

  • Maverick has the Perfect Reload skill. Ranged weapons instantly reload, and your second magazine deals bonus damage. Perfect if you want to play it yourself quick shooter.
  • Commando Gives you the Fury skill which increases ranged weapon damage by 10%. A good choice to start.
  • Psionik has the Lightning Ball and Cerebro skills. Lightning Ball is a Psi power that sends a ball of electricity from a distance. Cerebro increases your Ki-Energy regeneration by 20%. If you want to get started with Psi magic and powers, It is made for you.
  • Saboteur features the Silver Double Grip skill which allows you to wield two melee weapons and the Hypergenetic skill which reduces the cost of Ki for dodging by 20%. A perfect melee fighter.
  • Sentinel is accompanied by the Robustness skill which increases your armor by +10. What you play it tank in peace.

We hope you find all of this insight useful on your journey. Keep in mind that nothing is frozen in Biomutant. If each class and species offers players something specific in their gameplay, you can always change your mind and specialization during the adventure, thanks to the choice of skills available to you, and the distribution of points. experience.


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