Biomutant, a reassuring release date

It has been several years since THQ Nordic introduced to the world Biomutant, a new title mixing RPG, action, and kung fu fable which takes place in a fantastic universe inhabited by all kinds of animals far from being domestic. However, since the COVID crisis, little news of the game had been broadcast, going so far as to make us doubt the good progress of the development of the title. A silence that almost sounds like a cancellation that has just ended following a press release from the studio about Biomutant and its release date.

As made public, Biomutant will have its release date on May 25. It will therefore suffice to wait a few more months to have with us this work which, despite the passions it arouses, did not leave any news for a certain time. This announcement was accompanied by a reaffirmation regarding the platforms on which the game will be available: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Of course, the delays on the initial release date could hint at an adaptation of the title for next gen consoles, however, no information has been released about this by the studio. There remains the manufacturer certainty that the title will of course be usable on your new machines thanks to the backward compatibility of the latter, while waiting for a sign from THQ Nordic on a possible graphic update of the title, or creation of a specific version for the Xbox Series X / S and PS5.

As a reminder, Biomutant is a kung-fu-flavored RPG set in a post-apocalyptic open world with a combat system that combines martial arts, shooting phases with great reinforcements, and whatnot based on mutations of all kinds. The title puts us in the shoes of a rodent like Rocket Racoon armed to the teeth to save a world ravaged by yet another evil scourge not cool.


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