Billboards change according to eBay’s weather

When it’s sunny, eBay suggests gardening products to customers. When it rains, the ads will show raincoats and if it’s shady eBay signs will “react” by showing products intended for indoor activities.

Last week, eBay launched a digital outdoor advertising campaign (Digital Out-of-Home) in which advertising messages change with the weather.

There are 3 types of messages created according to 3 typical types of British spring weather. For example, when it is sunny, eBay will recommend gardening products to customers. When it rains ads will show raincoats and shady eBay signs “react” by showing items for indoor activities.


According to Gareth Jones, Senior Marketing Manager of Ebay, the campaign presents its “colorful and sophisticated products in a very timely manner, tailored to the needs and circumstances of the customer at the moment.” real”.

This is part of its global campaign “Fill your cart with color” – promoting eBay products and convincing customers to live more colorful lives.

Presented until April 8, these “erratic sunshine and rain” billboards will be shown at more than 1250 locations across the UK, including dynamic and static billboards, and screens in centers Commercial, on the road, in the subway and in stations.

This is the latest creative effort to feature digital billboards that “respond” to real-time data and information. Last October, an Audi campaign also responded to weather and traffic. Another creation in Canada in 2016 by Dannon Yogurt shows different messages depending on the speed of the vehicles. And National Geographic’s campaign last summer displayed on a billboard the selfies of passersby.


Quynh / MarTech Today
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