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Bill Gates shared a failure that made him most regretful: Let Google own Android

At the event for the founders of technology corporations organized by Village Global, billionaire Bill Gates shared about his bitter defeat and made him regret the most in the course of running Microsoft: Not winning took ownership of the Android OS but let it fall into Google hands, causing the opponent to create an empire worth $ 400 billion.

Again, Google is not the father of Android. In 2003, Andy Rubun, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White founded Android Inc. in Palo Alto, California and started a project to develop an operating system that makes mobile devices smarter, starting with digital cameras to apply for funding in April 2004. After only 5 months, they realized that the digital camera market was too small, and turned Android into something that, according to them, could compete with Symbian and Windows Mobile.

In July 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. costing at least $ 50 million and bringing the company's engineers under Google to continue developing mobile operating systems. In 2008, the first device to run Android launched, HTC Dream.

That is what makes the second richest billionaire in the world according to Forbes still regret it. The clip above you can come to around 11 minutes to hear all of Gates' sharing: “My biggest mistake so far is that the wrong calculation made Microsoft not have Android. Android is a non-Apple phone platform but is capable of turning into a new standard. It is something that can absolutely help Microsoft succeed. There is only room for one competitor with Apple's operating system. What is the price to pay? It is worth the company M has a $ 400 billion fortune but now it belongs to G. "

Now that I think about it, it is true that in the mid-2000s, no one dared to think Google could become the biggest competitor to Apple in the mobile platform, but everyone thought it must be Microsoft. , after years of Windows and MacOS compared each other bit by bit. But then what happened, you must know. Now that I think about it, it's too easy, but then, Microsoft was too preoccupied with profit growth and forgot about the risk of investing in the future, as well as looking at the "humanity" direction of the technology race.

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If Microsoft is racing to win for profit and with the thinking of financial experts, then Steve Jobs is racing to think differently. He has a more intuitive look, cares more about users. He wants to win by style, aesthetic products and by the feelings of customers. That's something Microsoft has recently learned with Xbox One, with Surface or with many other products.

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Meanwhile Google enjoyed the results after pouring more than $ 50 million for Android Inc. Thanks to the Linux platform that Android relies on to develop, Google can provide their OS to anyone they want, instead of like iOS, a closed platform, and only the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. newly owned. Microsoft until now still had to admit that it was impossible for them to win the mobile device race.

It is also possible to think in the extreme direction that, with a corporation that makes a profit from its corporate customers as much as Microsoft, they simply do not understand consumer trends, not merely "miscalculation". like Bill Gates. CEO Steve Ballmer used to laugh at the iPhone when it first came out because it was too expensive and not practical for businessmen, because … there was no physical keyboard, and calling it an absurd thing. It is also impossible to blame Microsoft, because at that time, 9/10 technology corporations would think so, and the other group was Apple. You can review the clip below.


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