[Biking Diary]Osaka’s most mysterious hot spring “Yamanoyu”

Travel time 2020/12/20
Motorcycle style HONDA Little Cub
Riding distance 149km
Cycling route Osaka Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture

The “Yumoto” in Inunayama Hot Springs in Izumisano City is said to have smooth skin as soon as you enter the bath, which is the so-called beauty bath. I went there around 3pm on Sunday, but the male soup was reserved.

At the same time I arrived, a lady came, and she asked: This is Yamanoyu, right? There is no sign of Yamanoyu on the road, and I don’t know where it is. Even if I find it lucky, I still want to say: Is this a hot spring? Only to find and discover by yourself, this is the mystery of the secret hot spring.

Because I was reserved, I could only take a picture of the male bath, and I would see the hot spring seeping out, because it was boiling, the bathtub was very warm.

The top of the wall is connected to the female bathroom next door, so if you are a couple, you can chat and enjoy the hot spring.

If you come from Izumisano City along the mountain road, you can see this sign on the left of Route 62 of the prefectural road, and then it will be 50 meters away! If you go too far, go back because you are turning, so be careful!

There is also a parking lot. Does this Mitsubishi GALANT look great?

After approaching the building tremblingly, you will find that it is Yamanoyu. The business hours are from 10:00 to 18:00, and it says open all year round! There is also a cafeteria, so if you order food before the shower, you can eat freshly cooked pot rice after the shower.

When I climbed the stairs and found that it was an ordinary hot spring, I was relieved. The cost is 700 yen including tax, but only shower gel is provided. Fortunately, I brought a towel today, a must-have item for the spa group. Going up, there is a cafeteria. The bath fee must be paid to the aunt on the stairs. She also serves as the restaurant.

The cafeteria is a tatami room with 3 tables. You can rest here after bathing. I leave the helmet with my aunt. It’s okay to put it in the locker room because it’s empty? There are also small coin lockers. Please put your valuables in the coin lockers.

In retrospect, if you don’t know where the hot spring is, you would never get close to this building. I think that woman would hesitate to go in without me.

To the left of Little Cub is Mitsubishi GALANT, um… Little Cub looks beautiful. (Laughs out loud)

Before going to the hot springs, I went to the Sarusaka Pass at No. 751, Prefectural Road near Kata. The night view is very beautiful. There is no roof, but there are chairs and tables.

This may be a climbing route, because roads like the Road of the Beast continue to the other side. When I ate ramen, someone drove, rode a motorcycle, or rode a bicycle to the top of the mountain. I am embarrassed to dominate here, so I left early after eating.

The Wakayama side is a wide and good road, while the Osaka side is a narrow road with many curves, so be careful of oncoming vehicles and bicycles. There is a multifunctional park called “Ikiiki Park Misaki” nearby, and there is a beautiful public toilet (with toilet paper), but the entrance seems to be closed at 18:00.

On the way from Kata to “Yamanoyu”, I turned left at the intersection of “Misaki Junior High School” on Prefectural Road No. 752 towards Osaka and drove along the seaside road behind Misaki Park and the golf course, which connects to Tamawa, there are few people I want to know, but this road is very comfortable.

When I was driving along the beach, the weather became cold, so I decided to go to Yamanoyu. I met Super Cub C125 here, it looks great, I met many Super Cubs today.

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