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BigC Thailand opens mobile stalls right on the street


In Thailand, BigC is opening mobile stores to target places where it cannot open stores or where there is no competition.

These days, on the streets of Thailand, there are stalls with strange brands Mini BigC. It is known that this is the plan to test mobile carts specialized in selling in rural areas where this retail group cannot open a supermarket. However, this program is under scrutiny from the local authorities.

Thai Trade Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said that the authorities are monitoring BigC’s mobile commercial booth, the government will consider introducing two laws to ensure fair trade.


“The Ministry of Commerce suggested as soon as Big C opened a mobile store that specializes in selling to rural areas. While the company said this is a test direction for new products that have not been commercialized yet, we is monitoring this issue to ensure fairness for both large and small businesses under the 1990 pricing laws and competition laws of 2017, “he said.

Mr. Sontirat said that if BigC decides to launch this mobile sales campaign, the relevant functional departments will decide whether this is legal or not.

“Small stores will rest assured that they are not alone when large retailers enter the market because the department will help them if something goes wrong.”

BigC opens mobile stores where it can’t open supermarkets or where there is little competition. These stalls sell items such as ready-to-eat or instant noodles.


The Mini Big C mobile vehicle has been in development since November in the hospital fundraising charity organized by Athiwara “Toon” Kongmalai, a member of the famous rock band here named Bodyslam. These vehicles provide free drinks, medicine and other items on the program.

In the past month, these cars went to Pathum Thani province to test market feedback. There are many items for sale at a variety of prices, the cheapest is 5 baht (equivalent to 3,500 VND), and customers also earn Big Card points.

Besides the Mini Big C, the company also plans to grow this year thanks to increased consumption and increased tourist arrivals.

The retail business is increasingly competitive this year as companies begin to develop one-channel services after focusing on investing in IT systems to serve changing user needs.

“Buyers can buy and sell anywhere, at any time and by all sales channels”, quoted from a source of BigC.


Van Dam / BangkokPost
* Source: Young intellectuals



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