Big dealer in Japan refused to buy used Huawei phones - VnReview

Big dealer in Japan refused to buy used Huawei phones – VnReview

Even the old phone purchasing agents also rejected Huawei products. Customers are shy, even someone wants to return the device.

According to Nikkei, customers in Japan are apprehensive with used Huawei phones. At the second-hand store, the P10 Lite is on sale for 10,000 yen to 16,000 yen, equivalent to $ 92 to 147 USD. There are even some prices lower than 10,000 yen. Compared to a month ago, prices have decreased by 20-40%.

Huawei phones become the fear of many people

Huawei phones were previously considered a reasonable alternative to the iPhone, thanks to cheaper prices. But after getting caught in the US ban, prices dropped significantly and customer sentiment was shunned. Users are afraid of not receiving future updates, as well as some important applications that do not function fully. A large retailer revealed, someone wanted to return the purchased phone.

Demand for dizziness, dealers selling old phones also away from Chinese brands. Bookoff Group Holdings said it will no longer purchase Huawei phones, apply to 600 stores across Japan. A move similar to Geo Holdings last week. Hamakazu Awazu, president of Keitai Ichiba, predicts that Huawei phone prices will also plummet. Mainly because customers fear the Android operating system will be stopped access in the future.

In Vietnam, the consumption of Huawei phones also slowed down. According to a large retail system in Hanoi, the consumption of Huawei phones in the past week has dropped by about 70% because users are concerned about the future of Android software update is unclear. Meanwhile, it is reported that Huawei has temporarily halted plans to release new products that are expected to be released in June in Vietnam such as Huawei Nova 4 and Honor 20/20 Pro.

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