Biden's climate policy will cause damage to American labor, support Russia, Iran

Biden’s climate policy will cause damage to American labor, support Russia, Iran

In the last month of President Donald Trump’s last month in office, the United States achieved something it hasn’t had in more than a generation: In the last week of December 2020, the United States did not import a drop. Any crude oil from Saudi Arabia for the first time in 35 years.

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To many, it is a testament to Mr. Trump’s America energy policy first. This policy has prioritized relying on domestic production and pushed global crude oil prices below $ 50 / barrel for most of 2020 and US gas prices averaging around $ 2.30 / gallon in December. / 2020.

Low crude oil prices throughout 2020 have also clamped down the energy-dependent Russian economy, leading to great instability in Moscow.

Now, one month in the United States under Joe Biden’s presidency, crude oil prices have risen to 65 USD / barrel and gasoline in America is 2.72 USD / gallon, due to the impact of many geopolitical facts. Economists and lawmakers in energy-producing states all worry that oil prices will continue to rise as Democrats’ climate-related regulation begins to make a real impact. to life.

On the first day in power, Mr. Biden ordered the suspension of the Keystone XL pipeline project connecting from Canada to the US. Unions say the decision to stop the project will take away about 11,000 US jobs. Mr. Biden also brought the United States to re-enter the Paris Agreement on climate change, suspended new oil drilling on federal land for 60 days, and appointed Rep. Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior. This congressman was the leader of efforts to oppose oil and gas production in the United States. The appointment of personnel raises concerns that the drilling suspension is likely to last longer.

Oil drilling with hydraulic fracturing technology [fracking] It is harmful to the air we breathe and the water we drink. Land bidding for fracking and oil drilling projects is profitable only for a few people”, Deb Haaland wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2017, before she was elected to the Federal House of Representatives.

Although energy prices are dependent on a range of geopolitical factors – such as a drop in demand due to a pandemic, there is a growing consensus among economists that Mr. Biden’s policies may will curb production growth in the United States and boost energy prices in the long run, while at the same time exciting environmental activists.

Mr. Steve Moore, an economist with the Heritage Foundation, and former economic advisor to former President Trump, said Mr. Biden’s energy and climate plan “actually exposes the divide between the workers and the environmentalists in the Democrats. The whole green agenda turned out to be a countermeasure against ancient industrial workers“.

One of the ridiculous things about the Biden agenda is that it will help Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, while harming the US market, Moore said.

Oil-dependent economies such as Russia will prosper when crude prices rise to $ 70 a barrel, and they will lose money when oil prices fall below $ 50 a barrel, experts say.

Mr. Moore said: “I have absolutely no doubts about the irony of absurdity in accusing Trump of colluding with Russia that there really is no one and what has been more damaging to Russia than Trump and the policies. American energy first of all. Russia is really no different than a third world country, yes [tài nguyên] Oil and Gas“.

Mr. Trump’s energy policies for America are catastrophic for Russia, and the fact Mr. Biden is a godsend for Russia”Mr. Moore added.

Former White House chief economist under President Trump, Peter Navarro, agreed with Steve Moore’s assessment.

Mr. Navarro said: “From a foreign policy and energy policy standpoint, you can’t have another American president better than Russia than Joe Biden. And what is the irony, when all that crap things they [Đảng Dân chủ] Trump was thrown at President Trump was Russia, Russia, Russia“.

Republican Rep. Greg Steube (Florida) told Just the News on Feb. 22 that he fears a long-term energy market rebalance will make the US dependent on the resources of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

On behalf of [ứng phó] climate change and the dominance of the left, radical movement in our country, we will give up domestic oil production. And then, we will be forced to become countries that buy oil from other countries, which are not our friends and allies. That is extremely absurd”Mr. Steube said.

Most Americans right now are not getting enough information about how Biden’s climate policy will help Russia and other countries that are not US friendly, Steube said.

The mainstream media will not talk about how the Biden administration is helping Russia through its oil and gas-related work. They won’t talk about it”Mr. Steube said.

Whether or not news outlets report on those policies of the Biden administration, the US energy industry has conducted an assessment on them. The Petroleum Institute of America, America’s leading oil and gas trading group, recently completed a study showing that a long-term ban on oil and gas leasing can have the following effects:

  • Increase oil imports from foreign sources to about 2 million barrels / day by 2030.
  • Annual decrease in US exports of natural gas is about 800 billion cubic feet of gas (23 billion cubic meters of gas).
  • Reduce US GDP by a cumulative $ 700 billion by 2030.
  • Eliminate nearly 1 million jobs by 2022.
  • Increase US household energy costs by about $ 19 billion by 2030.

Mr. Narravo, one of those who helped design Mr. Trump’s strategic energy domination policy, has said that the real impact of Mr. Biden’s climate policies will become more apparent as the US economy. recovery started from Wuhan virus pandemic.

When we get back to a strong economy, we will have fewer jobs in the oil industry, less competitive production and higher energy prices.“Mr. Navarro said.

While Trump’s supporters have been the most powerful voice about the impact of Mr. Biden’s climate policies, there are worries about it that have sprung up from academia to the rest of the world. set of sexes in the ideological spectrum. Experts say Mr. Biden’s energy policy changes probably will not reduce energy demand in the US, meaning energy prices will go higher and dependence on abroad. than in the long term, especially if the drilling ban persists.

Stephen Barnes, director of the Blanco Center for Public Policy at the University of Louisiana, recently told the Advocate: “This [chính sách năng lượng của ông Biden] may not reduce consumption [năng lượng]. The global oil market may react to higher prices and increased volumes sold from the Middle East and Russia“, Thereby forcing the US to turn to importing petroleum from abroad to meet the domestic consumption demand.

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