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Biden’s ally launches new organization to push far-left agenda

Axios recently reported that allies of President Joe Biden – who have spent tens of millions of dollars to help him get elected in 2020 – are launching a “new nonprofit advocacy group” to promote the agenda. extremism of the incumbent US government.

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The new advocacy group, Unite the Country Now, will operate as the nonprofit branch of a similarly named super-Committee of Political Action (PAC). Country (United Country). This super PAC spent about $ 50 million to help Biden win the US presidential election in 2020, as reported by Axios. Behind the Super PAC Unite the Country are two Democratic Party activists Mark Doyle and Amanda Loveday. The two recently officially merged the two aforementioned Washington DC-based nonprofits into one.

As reported by Axios, Unite the Country Now was created for the purpose of “adds to the considerable stability already established by pro-Biden independent organizations trying to advance his policy goals past opposing Republican legislators and some members. Democrats tend to argue“. In return, the group will also allow Biden’s donors to support the group dedicated to helping Biden and his far-left agenda.

Amanda Loveday told Axios: “We learned from previous administrations how important it is to educate Americans about the policies and successes of the Biden administration.“. She added that her team will be able to “extend“”efforts that go beyond the election to the education of the American people” about the far-left agenda that President Biden has in place for America’s use.

According to Axios, the advocacy group Unite the Country Now is a 501(4)(c) non-profit organization that is authorized to keep the identities of donors secret.

The super PAC Unite the Country in last year’s election is said to have received huge donations from leftist billionaires, including Michael Bloomberg, Reid Hoffman, and Jim Simons.

Amanda Loveday told Axios that the Unite the Country Now team has yet to decide whether they will release the identities of all donors or simply decline to provide the identities of the donors from “certain industries or from registered campaigners or foreign agencies“.

Axios notes that, with the introduction of Unite the Country Now, the list of groups supporting Biden is growing. These groups were formed to use secret funds to advance the far-left agenda of the Democratic president.

This long list of pro-Biden groups includes prominent groups such as Building Back Together, The American Working Families Action Fund, and Real Recovery Now. real recovery right now).

Building Back Together, also a group that keeps donor identities secret, was founded last year. The group said it would not provide the identities of sponsors of the large-scale pro-Biden campaign during the 2020 campaign.

Meanwhile, The American Working Families Action Fund and Real Recovery Now have also launched major independent media campaigns to support Biden’s trillion-dollar base spending plan.

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