Biden welcomes Israel - Hamas ceasefire, says humanitarian aid to Gaza

Biden warns climate change is ‘biggest threat’ to US security

President Joe Biden on Wednesday (June 9) warned US service members that senior Defense Department officials see climate change as “greatest threat” to US national security in the years to come.

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When I went to the Pentagon at the time I was elected vice president for the first time with President Obama, the military sat with us and told us what were the biggest threats facing America. are facing, the greatest physical threats”, Mr. Biden said. “This is no joke. You know what the Army Chief of Staff told us is the greatest physical threat facing America? [chính là] global warming“.

There will be significant population shifts, wars over land, millions of people leaving their homes because they’re really sinking under the sea in Indonesia, because of the wars over arable land.” Mr. Biden added.

Mr. Biden made the above warning in a speech to US Air Force officers stationed in the UK. The President has traveled to the UK to prepare for meetings with leaders of the Group of Seven (G-7) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This is Biden’s first foreign trip since entering the White House on January 20.

He made the statement above amid pressure from Republican lawmakers regarding his policy towards Russia following ransomware attacks targeting infrastructure. important to America. Biden’s most criticized policy is his lifting of sanctions imposed on businesses and individuals related to the Nord Stream 2 oil and gas pipeline connecting Russia to Germany.

President Biden said he would talk to key European allies about a unified approach to fighting climate change. The Biden-Harris administration has identified responding to climate change as a top policy priority.

We must all commit to ambitious climate action if we are to avert the worst effects of climate change, limiting global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius and leading to Leading the global shift in clean energy technology” Mr. Biden said.

The United States officially rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement in February following an executive order Mr. Biden signed on his first day in office. This executive order reversed the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement.

Mr. Biden has said on various occasions that climate change poses a threat to US military security. In February, he emphasized that he had directed the Department of Defense to reshape the national strategy to respond to the effects of climate change.

At the time, Mr. Biden said that global warming was “cost us billions of dollars due to impacts on our infrastructure and national security“.

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