Biden-Putin telegram: 'Exploration!'

Biden-Putin telegram: ‘Exploration!’

What did the two sides say about the Putin-Biden phone call?

First of all, the Russian leader congratulated his counterpart on starting work in the new position, according to the Kremlin press agency.

President Putin noted, “the normalization of relations between Russia and the US will meet the interests of both countries, and if we take into account the special responsibility of the two countries to maintain security and stability in the world. , it is in the interest of the entire international community “.

In addition, the two leaders of Russia and the US “expressed satisfaction” with the exchange of notes on the START-3 Agreement renewal agreement.

Putin and Biden discussed current bilateral and international issues, and looked at the possibility of cooperation in the fight against coronavirus and other fields.

“Among international topics are the United States unilaterally withdrawing from the Open Sky Treaty, the issue of maintaining the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action [JCPOA] on Iran’s nuclear program, Ukraine’s internal situation, as well as Russia’s initiative to hold a summit of UN Security Council permanent members ”- The Kremlin added.

For her part, White House press secretary Jen Psaki at the press conference informed reporters of the issues raised in the conversation between Putin and Biden.

“He (Biden) phoned President Putin this afternoon to discuss our wish to extend START-3 for another five years, reaffirming our strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty. before the continued invasion of Russia “- said Psaki.

A spokesman for the new US president said Mr. Biden also raised issues of concern, including the SolarWinds infiltration, information about the Russian offering to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan, intervention. into the 2020 election, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny and the treatment of Russian security forces to peaceful protesters.

Dien dam Biden-Putin: 'Join in a fight!'
Russia and the US announced differently about the conversations between the two leaders

There is no hope of improving Russia-US relations

Commenting on this event in the American magazine The National Interest, US journalist Jacob Heilbrunn stated that the purpose of the conversation between the new US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “was merely an exploratory step. Firstly”.

The author of the article noted the difference in official information of the Kremlin and the White House about the content of the conversation between the two leaders.

While Washington announced that the US President had listed “grievances and claims” with Moscow, the Kremlin emphasized that Biden and Putin discussed the coronavirus epidemic, trade-economic issues. , as well as the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran.

From the point of view of the article’s author, Russia waits for a working discussion with the United States on concessions and mutually beneficial exchanges. Biden’s crew, on the other hand, saw the call as an opportunity to condition Moscow before it began the process of normalizing US-Russia relations.

In fact, the main goal of the first conversation between the two leaders was to “explore the situation”, but the two sides did not hope to achieve anything from this first call – the American journalist commented. .

“It doesn’t matter if this is the next call to acknowledge Putin’s position on world affairs, or if it is a signal of the new gathering of the Western alliance after Trump’s departure. The main thing is that Biden spoke directly to Putin ”- the article wrote.

The US journalist said that the US President had the opportunity to “look closely at Putin” at a time when Moscow and Washington were having a very tense relationship, on the world oil market there was a war on prices, while at home, Moscow is continuing to struggle with pandemic,

“If we do not take into account the question of renewing the START-3 Treaty, the Biden-Putin phone call has had no other results. However, perhaps Moscow will see this as a positive signal “- the journalist commented and affirmed that, can not conclude anything about the phone call,” we will have to wait and see the parties will take steps. let’s go in the future ”.



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