Biden government suspends arms sales to some countries |  World

Biden government suspends arms sales to some countries | World

A State Department spokesman on Wednesday confirmed that the Joe Biden administration would suspend some arms sales to foreign countries.

However, this person also asserted that this is just a routine move, “the administrative action required for any process of transferring power”.

This shows that “the government’s strategic goal for the time being is to build stronger, more interoperable and more capable security partners.”

It is not clear which agreement will be suspended, but reporter Bloomberg said earlier the same day, that the contract to sell F-35 Lockheed Martin aircraft to the UAE and the contract to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia are among these.

According to the Wall Street JournalThe US wants to ensure that US weapons are not used to “continue the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen”.

Late in the day, UAE Ambassador to the US – Yousef Al Otaiba stated the importance of the delivery of the F-35 fighter jet in the context of the US plans to reconsider the sale of weapons.

“As in previous transitions, the UAE anticipates the new administration to review existing policies. The F-35 package is not merely a sale of weapons, but also helps the UAE maintain its deterrent ability to aggression. Along with dialogue and security cooperation, this package will help reassure partners in the region, ”Ambassador Al Otaiba said on the embassy’s Twitter page.

Before that, hours before Joe Biden’s inauguration, the UAE signed an agreement with the US to buy 50 F-35s, and up to 18 drones.

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According to Sputnik


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