Biden canceled Trump's order to ban transgender people from serving the military

Biden canceled Trump’s order to ban transgender people from serving the military

Joe Biden on Monday signed an executive order canceling the Trump administration’s order to ban transgender people from serving in the US military.

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The White House press release on January 25 stated: “TT Biden today signed the Executive Order, which sets out the policy that all Americans qualified to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces should be able to enlist.“.

45th US President Donald Trump announced the ban in a series of tweets in 2017, reversing the Obama administration’s earlier policies to allow transgender people to serve in the US military. Trump said that the military will incur huge medical costs when transgender people serve in the military.

Our army must be focused on decisive and superior victory and cannot be burdened with the huge medical costs and disruptions that transgender people in the army will lead to.“, Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter at the time of announcing the ban on transgender people serving the US military.

Although the Trump ban went into effect, about 900 transgender people who were put to sleep under the Obama administration’s policy remained in active service. The military under Trump just did not allow transgender people to enlist.

Last week, during the Senate Secretary of Defense hearing, General Lloyd Austin said he was in favor of allowing transgender people to serve in the US military.

In a press release released on Monday (Jan. 25), Lloyd Austin said the Department of Defense would immediately take policy action to ensure that transgender people can enlist based on gender. calculate “self-confirmation “.

Mr. Lloyd Austin said that the military would approve all “Transgender related medical care“For transgender soldiers in accordance with existing laws.

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