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Biden canceled Trump’s order of a state of emergency at the border


President Joe Biden informed Congress that he withdrew the declaration of a national emergency on the southern border that was financed by former President Donald Trump to fund the construction of the US border wall. -Mexico.

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I have decided that declaring a national emergency on the southern border is without good reason“Biden said in a statement on Feb. 10. “I have also announced that it is my Administration’s policy not to transfer a single US taxpayer dollar to the construction of a border wall, and I am ordering all available resources to be reviewed. allocated and redirected, for that purpose“.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas) has criticized Mr. Biden’s reversal of the statement that Mr. Trump issued in 2019.

President Biden may pretend there is no emergency on our southern border, but his policies are bringing about a surge in illegal immigrants. Americans will pay the price for this president’s free and open border“, Mr. Cotton wrote on Twitter on February 11.

Other Republican lawmakers have also condemned the Biden administration for stopping construction of the border wall, while ignoring the barbed wire fence erected around the Capitol in Washignton DC.

Republican Rep. Jodey Arrington (Texas) wrote on Twitter: “It is Democrats who say the wall on the southern border is unnecessary, will not demolish the wall that is protecting them at the Capitol.

Mr Biden ordered a withdrawal of a border emergency after the Supreme Court accepted the Biden administration’s request to cancel impending verbal debates over two legal challenges to policies. regarding immigration that President Trump signed while in office.

Before that, just hours after becoming the 46th President of the United States on January 20, Mr. Biden signed the Executive Order of the President 10142, in which he declared that “building a large-scale wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution“, And call this project”waste money and divert attention away from genuine threats to our homeland security“.

Mr Trump has ordered the transfer of about $ 2.5 billion of military money to the construction of the US-Mexico border wall project. During his final week in office, Mr. Trump traveled to the southern border to congratulate the completion of the 450-pound border wall.

Mr. Trump said that the southern border wall is an effective solution to help US law enforcement forces in the border area prevent illegal immigration and other evils such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc.

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