Mr. Biden pulled out Trump's proposals to cut spending $ 27.4 billion

Biden broke political norms, firing independent committee officials

The Biden administration has broken longstanding political norms by firing officers on independent committees / agencies appointed by former President Donald Trump.

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There is no precedent for a new administration to fire members of independent agencies in the US government appointed by a predecessor. But the Biden administration is trying to do so. The move led to an official, Roger Severino, filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration, claiming he had been illegally fired.

The complaint of Mr. Roger Severino said: “Council [nơi ông làm việc] does not have any executive power – in fact, it does not have any executive power, but is merely a pure advisory body – so President Biden has no constitutional power to fire Mr. . Severino or any other member of this Council“.

The 45th US President Donald Trump has appointed Roger Severino to a three-year term on the Council of the American Administrative Union (ACUS), but the Biden administration has decided to remove Severino from the Council soon.

The Biden administration also fired many other limited-term officials appointed by Mr. Trump, including Jennifer Dickey, Andrew Kloster, Paul Dans, Gibson Worsham, and Dan Epstein.

The elimination of members of the term limit-term by independent agencies is unprecedented. Although Trump has been accused by his opponents of breaking many longstanding political norms, he has never attempted to eliminate officials of independent committees / agencies appointed by President Barack Obama. responsibility.

The powerful figure of this “fight” campaign is Gautam Raghavan – deputy director of the Office of the Presidential Human Resources (PPO). The PPO was responsible for hiring and firing approximately 4,000 political officials throughout the Biden administration.

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