Biden administration imposes new sanctions on Myanmar army general |  World

Biden administration imposes new sanctions on Myanmar army general | World

President Biden said the order allowed his administration to “immediately punish the military leaders for directing the coup, hitting their own economic interests as well as family members”.

Washington will determine the first list of sanctions targets this week, and is taking steps to prevent the Myanmar general from accessing $ 1 billion in Myanmar government funds stored in the US.

“We will also impose strong export controls. We are freezing US assets that benefit the Myanmar government, while maintaining support for health care and other areas that directly benefit the people of Myanmar, ”he said. Biden said at the White House.

“We will be willing to take additional measures and will continue to work with our international partners to get other countries to join us in these efforts.”

The February 1 coup in Myanmar caused Mr. Biden to experience the first major international crisis in his presidency.

“I again call on the Myanmar military to release its leaders and democratic political activists. The army must give up the power they hold. “

Although Mr. Biden did not specify who will be subject to the new sanctions, Washington is likely to target coup leader Min Aung Hlaing and other top generals who have been imposed by the US. penalty in 2019.

The sanctions could also target Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited and Myanmar Economic Corp, military-held companies with investments in banking, gemstones, copper mining, telecommunications and apparel. .

A hot pot of banh chung in the desert of Israel

On the evening of February 9, groups of Vietnamese students and workers made a fire to boil banh chung in the Idan desert, southern Israel, when the New Year came to Spring and could not return to their homeland for Tet.

According to Reuters


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