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Biden administration asks Americans to report friends and relatives expressing “extremism”

In an effort to combat domestic terrorism, the administration of President Joe Biden has announced plans to create more measures for Americans to report to the government of friends and family who exhibit “extremist” expressions. “

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In a talk with Breitbart News, a senior Biden administration official explained the importance of stopping politically motivated violence before it happens.

“We will act to raise public awareness of federal measures to address behavior that causes concern or threat before violence occurs.” said the official.

The official cited a campaign by the Department of Homeland Security calling on people to “If you see something suspicious, report it to the authorities.” to help prevent radical Islamic terrorism from potentially occurring in the country.

“This involves creating contexts so that family members or friends or colleagues know there are ways and avenues to express concerns and seek help for those who are in need. perceived by them to exhibit extreme nuances and a tendency toward violence.”

Biden began his presidency with a strong warning in his inaugural address about “the rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism.”, stressed that these are problems “that we must confront and defeat.”

On June 1, Mr. Biden described the threat from “white supremacy” as “the deadliest threat facing the country today.”

The Biden administration says it will also work with big tech companies (Big Tech) on “increasing information sharing” to help combat radicalization.

“Every tech company has a clear understanding of its platform,” the official noted. “But the government is watching everything, for example, threats of violence on the platforms. They have seen the relationship between online recruitment, radicalization and violence in visible social life.”

The Department of Homeland Security also plans to launch “digital literacy” and “digital literacy” programs to help combat “malicious online content that malicious individuals intentionally spread.”

The official assured reporters again that the administration’s new strategies would remain “focused” on preventing acts of violence.

“This is without a doubt a strategy that has to do with political ideology or ideology that is separate from the political spectrum,” he said. said the official. “What matters is when individuals take their political or other actions and turn them into illegal and unacceptable acts of violence.”

The official added that the Biden administration considers the domestic terrorist threat very important and will redirect intelligence agencies’ focus to domestic threats.

“We are investing in many government agencies and providing them with resources appropriately, while also asking our citizens to participate.” said the official. “Because, after all, this is really about national security, it’s every citizen’s responsibility to help us get this done.”

Many commentators on Breitbart News have suggested that the new policy will be instrumental in reporting and quelling conservative voices. “By labeling Mr. Trump a ‘domestic terrorist’ on the 6/1 Capitol, anyone who supports him will be labeled as such. I bet this is part of their plan.” User Behind Enemy Line CA commented.

“The indoctrination and education that the leftists are promoting in schools are essentially quite similar to those of the Hitler Youth; Children are being taught to disrespect and criticize their parents if they hold conservative views, and so they will be encouraged to report their parents to the organizations Democrats are building. We may need to be very careful in the years to come, because what we believe we have a right to say for our free speech could one day get us prosecuted by the government. That’s essentially what happened to the political prisoners that the Democrats locked up during the January 6 protest … which they deliberately misrepresented as an uprising.” user Woken Infidel writes.

A comment by Nick Danger wrote: “I will report on Joe China, Pelosi, Schumer, and many other Democrats. Can’t forget BLM and Antifa” has received many approvals.

Milky Way (according to Breitbart)

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