Beyond 30 years old, I still just want to live with my mother

Beyond 30 years old, I still just want to live with my mother

This year I am over 30 years old, have a stable job at an NGO, with an income of about $2,500 per month. My father’s family died early, my brother got married and moved out, I was alone with my mother, my mother was over 60 years old and retired.

I'm 30 years old, I want to live with my mother

I also have few friends, less communication, especially during this epidemic time. Outside of work, I just hang around at home, or sometimes go to the movies with my mother on weekends. Sometimes when I get excited, I drive my own car, take my mother to the beach, and then go out for a few days to relax.

I feel that such a life is good, not necessarily getting married, having children like my friends. Every day, the first day of messy hair, stop worrying about her husband going out to drink, karaoke, dealing with her parents-in-law, then worrying about sick children, where to go to school, who to look after…

But my mother and the people around me are always urging me to get married and have children. Mom said, I can’t live with her forever, after she’s gone, who will be my friend? Mom wants me to get married and have children before the age of 35, which means there are 3 years left, and I just want to live the life like now, without a husband or children, just come home from work and be with me. Mother every day is enough.

Am I a bit eccentric and unusual?



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