“Between Tribulation”-deliberate design, missing the core

“Is this a copy of Hollow Knight?” “There is nothing to say about the similar art style, but what does your protagonist’s face look exactly like Hollow?” … A lot of similar comments are flooded with “Between Tribulation”. Under the relevant promotional content of the game. In fact, I am relatively calm in the face of such things. After all, the game has been developed for so many years. It takes a strong mind and opportunity to completely innovate. Therefore, it is not a bad thing for a game to have someone else’s shadow. In the final analysis, whether the game is good or not, it must be It depends on its core and design, the external performance is just a form. Now that I have already laid the groundwork, I am also very interested in the level of this game. I have seen the Pixel Wind Hollow Knight re-enacted by the big guys studying abroad and their classmates before, and I am very surprised and admired, so I think it can be. The taste is hollow, at least the style is not a big problem. However, I seem to be wrong.

It’s also my fault that I didn’t read the introduction. I wanted to take a closer look at the taste of the domestic Galaxy City. After entering the game, I found that it turned out to be turn-based. Although the latter is also my favorite, it also made me more concerned about the content of this game. stand up. After entering the game is an introduction to the world view, to the effect that you, as a guilty but faithful person, must fight against various evil incarnations to get free in this sinful world full of suffering and torture. And sublimation, so as to save the world in the midst of tribulation, this is also your tribulation and the salvation of the world. The copywriting of this work is quite flavorful, and the text is also more connotative, and the corresponding soundtrack is indeed a lot less interesting, a bit hard to engage in literary and artistic feeling. But overall, the atmosphere rendering of this game is still in place, which is acceptable as an independent game. But the subsequent experience of many contents, unexpectedly, was the beginning of my “tribulation”, leaving me with only one thought: “?”.

As a turn-based game with only boss battles, I don’t understand why we need to design double jumps and flashes for characters. Is it possible to imitate a full set of holes? This game only has Boss levels, and the map is not too big. What is the point of designing such unrelated and influential actions? Even if there are many rooms, terrain elements, and scattered NPC settings, there is no need to build such a system to fill the game content, but it will make players feel inexplicable and design for design.

But after all, it does not involve the core gameplay of the game. As long as the boss battle is designed to a high level, it is OK. But when I was equipped and ready to show off in front of the boss, I found that I was wrong again. The battle process of this game is roughly divided into two major links: pre-battle random and battle body. The combat elements are divided into three parts: weapons, skills, and props. The battle count is divided into three parts: blood volume, defense groove, and murderous groove. Both sides of the round will act once, and the boss will always default to the first attack. What the player has to do is to reasonably allocate the above resources to defeat the boss. It doesn’t sound simple anymore, but the actual play is just two words: “boring”. This boring is reflected in all aspects. In addition to the poor experience, it is more caused by the lack of close connection between the game systems and the difficulty of the boss being randomly piled up. .

Is it wrong to let Boss always default first in a turn-based game? Is this the so-called high difficulty? The lack of a speed system directly reduces the game’s strategy by more than half. What’s more, is it wrong to use high difficulty as a major selling point of the game? Then the HP, defense slot and other systems of this game are also designed for bosses with many slots. In terms of value, some bosses can easily break the player’s defense, while in some boss battles, the player’s defense slot is basically impossible to be beaten. Empty; Boss damage is exaggerated, and the player’s damage is too low; a variety of skills with a large amount of blood recovery, debuff, and superimposed damage have been designed for the boss. Even when the boss’s blood volume is low, he will give priority to the blood recovery skills, but the player will be because of the eternal back hand. Tight resources and extremely low damage before breaking defenses have caused helplessness and frustration; the pre-battle random system is the stage before the battle animation starts after the player chooses the skills to be released. At this time, two sets of words will be randomly combined. Choose one of them separately. If the two words are the same, the corresponding effect will be triggered. If they are different, nothing will happen. This system itself is purely random, and because it is after the skill is selected, it shows that it has no operational value and can only rely on the face, which causes the system to not “send charcoal in the snow”, but often at the wrong time. Trigger useless effects, making players feel that their luck has been wasted and feel “exacerbated by the situation.”

The producer himself explained that the positioning of this game is “an independent stand-alone game with extremely high difficulty, bold settings, hard core system, unique mechanism and unlimited expansion.” This “unique mechanism” is in addition to the above content. , There is also a wartime QTE system. Players who have played “Legend of Sword and Fairy 4” should know that its wartime QTE is the additional attack of each character after the completion of the basic attack, which is closely related to its speed axis design, and the QTE of this game is in The player selects the skill and waits for the boss to attack before triggering randomly. Since the selection and settlement of the battle phase of this game are completely separated, the settings of QTE are not continuous, and it is necessary to use the mouse to click different positions to make QTE operations in a very short time. If the player does not concentrate, there will be less Causes a lot of damage, and the difficulty increases sharply.

Let’s talk about the UI and interaction of this work, it is basically certain that it has not been carefully designed. The fonts used in the copywriting of this composition are all basic default styles, and in order to show the difference, the method used to change the font size, and there is no bottom frame and artistic words to distinguish, the overall feeling is simple and messy, without any design and Features. In the battle phase, the player’s equipment details page has everything but no weapon features. At the same time, the current status and attributes that should be allowed to be viewed at will are not visible in this game except for the selection phase. In particular, the display of Buff/Debuff is logically confusing. Players can only see some of them in the form of icons, while the rest can only be memorized by themselves. This directly leads to the fact that players can and can only learn the various systems of this work through constant trial and error, which is called “difficulty.” In addition to some other settings, such as the attribute growth obtained in this battle, there is no settlement page that can only be remembered, and each operation needs to be individually clicked to confirm. In combination with the above, it is for experienced players who have repeatedly suffered many times. It is undoubtedly a waste of time, and the user experience is greatly compromised.

I looked at the introduction on the game store page and knew that the creators also have dreams and feelings, but unfortunately, whether it is in terms of game positioning, design ideas, specific design of the system & values ​​& levels, or game experience, this game is not Unqualified, even difficult to pass. Although I also know that it’s not easy for independent game producers, should you think more from the perspective of the player when you “communicate your own mind”, whether your design is fun or not, and whether it makes sense, don’t be too wishful thinking. Since I have deliberately designed a small interaction of map elements that will be hidden when close to the black cat, why not spend more time polishing the game’s numerical configuration and core gameplay logic. It is difficult to make a game, and it is even more difficult to make a good game. At present, this game is still in the EA stage, and there is huge room for improvement and optimization. You can look forward to subsequent updates, but it is far from a real game work. , Still has a long way to go.

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