'Between' Lim Young-woong VS Young-tak, an unexpected display

‘Between’ Lim Young-woong VS Young-tak, an unexpected display

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Im Young-woong and Young-Tak of ‘Between Another’ had an unexpected display.

On MBC ‘Between’, broadcast at 5 pm on the 26th, Jang’s topic, ‘Mr. Trot’ Jin Yeong-woong and Seong Yeong-tak are on their way to support them. The two men present a talk from the grateful anecdote in which Park Myung-soo, a former judge, awakened their awareness, to the reason for their recent popularity.

In the recording, Lim Young-woong said, “I have been close to Yeong-Tak since ancient times.” He said he hated Yeong-Tak’s “this”. Accordingly, at the time of shooting ‘Mr. Trot’, Young Tak continued his display, exposing the inside of Im Young-woong. It is said that the two people’s entertaining conversation made the scene a sea of ​​laughter.

In addition, Lim Young-woong and Young Tak prepared a set of 3 special gifts for fans, raising expectations. From the song medley to various personal relays, instant duet harmony, the charming time of the two sparked cheers between them.

You can check out the cheering matches of Fighting Lim Young-woong and Yeong-tak through “Between”, which will be broadcast at 5 pm on Sunday, the 26th.

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