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From framing your wall art to getting house plants, there are a lot of easy ways to transform your apartment from a bachelor pad into a respectable home. You’ll feel better about it, and so will any woman who might come by (including your mom). One simple way to add a sophisticated edge to your interior is to invest in a wall mount for your TV.

Mounting your TV reduces visual clutter, and it adds a sense of intentionality to your space. Another bonus is that mounting things on the wall clears up floor space; this is a big bonus if you live in a small apartment. If you have an awkwardly shaped room, or you like to watch TV from different spots, some mounts have bendable arms to change viewing position.

A mounted TV looks sophisticated and expensive, but wall mounts are generally less expensive than a media console. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that all of these TV mounts require that you find the studs in your wall. Here are three options, including two that swivel and one stationary tilting mount.


1. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount (27″-55″)

This TV mount is capable of swiveling 180 degrees. It also tilts and extends. It can retract down to a compact 2.2 inches from the wall, meaning you can keep the metal bracket out of sight. The product listing offers four different size options as well, so it should be easy to find the one that best fits your TV.

Pros: Range of motion, including tilting, swiveling, and extending.

Cons: While most users found that the bracket to be sturdy, some complained that the included bolts were easily stripped.

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2. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts

This mount can tilt, swivel, and extend, but it has slightly reduced capabilities compared to the VideoSecu. The VideoSecu extends 20″ and retracts to 2″, and this one extends 15″ and retracts to 3″. However, this mount has two arms, compared to VideoSecu’s one, which may add some stability.

Pros: Easy installation, plenty of included parts for any kind of TV.

Cons: Tilt function has to be done from the mount, rather than just pulling the TV up or down. It protrudes the most from the wall of any of the options.

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3. Cheetah TV Wall Mount for 20-70″ TVs

Not everyone wants or needs to be able to rotate their TV. For a simple tilt-only option, this wall mount fits the widest range of TV sizes on this list. It can be kept flat, or tilted down up to 10 degrees.

Pros: Holds most closely to the wall, can accommodate the widest range of TV sizes of the options here.

Cons: The tilt feature requires that you lift the TV off the mount and then adjust the angle, so it’s mostly designed for TVs that are primarily going to be stationary.

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