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Best Smart Plugs: How To Use, How They Work, What to Buy

While a lot of appliances, like TVs, thermostats, and even fridges have gotten the smart tech treatment, chances are the things that get the most use are still pretty old school. Whether it’s a lamp or a coffee maker, there are still a lot of electrical devices that require physically getting up and turning them on or off. While you could try to find smart versions of every single one of your most used appliances, there’s a simple and affordable solution: smart plugs.

Smart plugs are adapters that plug into existing outlets, and you can plug any appliance cable into them like you normally would. The smart plug connects to your WiFi network. That way, you can turn appliances on and off from your phone or with a smart home device like Alexa.  Devices and appliances can be scheduled to come on at certain times, too. For example, you can set your lamp to come on at the time you regularly get home.

Plus, if you’ve ever worried that you left an iron running, a smart plug gives you the power to make sure everything is turned off without having to run back home. Being able to control electronics while you’re away is also a good way to cut down on energy consumption. These three options will help upgrade your home.


1. Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link

TP-Link is the leader in consumer WiFi products, and their smart plugs are reliable and affordable options. The free Kasa app allows you to control your devices from anywhere, and the smart plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Pros: App allows you to easily set schedules for your electronics and appliances, compatible with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft voice controls.

Cons: Large, round design may block the other outlet when plugged in.

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2. Gosund Mini Wifi Outlet

This smart plug from Gosund is sold in a pack of four, which makes it easy to outfit your most used electronics with smart technology. Plus, you can use it with Google or Amazon voice controls.

Pros: Compact enough to allow the other outlet to be used when this one is plugged in. Comes in a four pack.

Cons: Some found setup and Amazon integration difficult.

Gosund Smart PlugImage Courtesy of Amazon


3. Amazon Smart Plug

The rectangular design of this smart plug allows you to leave an outlet open, or you can double up and have two plugs in one unit. The plug is controlled using the Alexa app, which makes it easy to pair with smart speakers. However, an Alexa device is not necessary for using the smart plug, only the app is.

Pros: Pairs well with other Amazon devices like the Echo, compact rectangular design means the second outlet can be used.

Cons: Some users had difficulty with setup.

Amazon Smart PlugImage Courtesy of Amazon

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