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If you’ve ever used a bad pair of scissors, you understand the value of a good pair of scissors. And yet, scissors don’t get the love they deserve. Scissors never get as many words written about them as their sharp cousins, kitchen knives. The screwdriver, which often shares a drawer with scissors, has a cocktail named after it. Scissors don’t have a boozy namesake. The best treatment a pair of scissors gets is that it’s one of three equally-balanced options in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Come on, when is the last time you used a rock for anything?

The point is, finding a good pair of scissors you can depend on for a long time is a worthwhile task. Whether they’re for cutting paper or opening difficult packages, a pair of scissors’ blades should cut smoothly and be durable, and the handles should be secure but comfortable. Here are some of the best-reviewed scissors on Amazon.


1. Fiskars The Original Orange Handled Scissors

If there’s such a thing as an iconic pair of scissors, it’s these orange-handled scissors by Fiskars. These 8-inch scissors are marketed primarily as being for fabrics, but they can withstand anything you might want to cut with them. The curved handle design makes for a more secure and ergonomic hold.

Pros: Ergonomic grip, lifetime warranty, useful for fabric or paper.

Cons: Many scissors are designed for both left and right-handed use, but the curved-handle design means these aren’t. Left-handed people will need to seek out left-handed Fiskars.

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2. AmazonBasics Multipurpose Office Scissors

AmazonBasics has proven to be a dependable source for reasonably well-made and highly-affordable products. Their scissors are no different. The handles have soft grips and are designed for left or right-handed use. Titanium-fused blades ensure long term durability and sharpness. Plus, you get three for 10 bucks.

Pros: These scissors work well for left-handed people, and they have titanium-fused blades.

Cons: Not ideal for making smooth cuts with fabric.

AmazonBasics ScissorsImage Courtesy of Amazon


3. Scotch Precision Scissor, 8-Inches

Scotch is a mainstay of reliable office supplies, and these precision scissors are backed by a lifetime warranty. The soft grips make them comfortable for continuous use, and they’re friendly for both right and left-handed users.

Pros: Comfortable grip, scissors work well for fabric.

Cons: Some reviewers felt that the tip of the blade wasn’t as sharp and pointy as it could be.

Scotch scissorsImage Courtesy of Amazon

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