HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 is a model of the most high-performance workstation laptop on the market today. Equipped with today’s most advanced components, the HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 can handle any workload quickly and efficiently.

However, the HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 still has certain limitations. One of them is the bulky size of the machine, with a weight of up to 3.17 kg. Whether the HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 has any other strengths and weaknesses, the answer will be in today’s article.

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HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 . Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Xeon W-11955M
  • GPUs: Nvidia RTX A5000
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Memory: 2TB PCIe SSD
  • Screen: 17.3-inch, 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Size: 15.7 x 10.5 x 1.1 inches
  • Mass: 3.17 kg

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Design

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 possesses a minimalist and neutral design language, suitable for professional office work environments. The machine’s outer shell is made entirely of metal, finished in silver gray, with a pleasant hand-holding feeling.

Open up the laptop, you will see the Bang & Olufsen speaker strip located right above the full-size keyboard. The hinge of the machine can be extended to a maximum angle of 180 degrees, allowing you to share the information displayed on the screen with your colleagues when needed.

Placed in between the G, H and B buttons on the keyboard is a mouse button (similar to the TrackPoint of most ThinkPad laptops on the market), and right below the keyboard is a touchpad with giant size, with 2 dimensions of 5 x 2.4 inches. Located above the touchpad are separate left, right and middle mouse buttons.

With 3-dimensional dimensions of 15.7 x 10.5 x 1.1 inches and a weight of 3.17 kg, the ZBook Fury 17 G8 is a laptop with a bulky appearance and not high portability. The machine is larger and heavier than the MSI WS66 10TMT (14.2 x 9.7 x 0.7 inches, weighs 2.08 kg), HP ZBook Studio G8 (13.9 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches, weighs 1.5 kg) and Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 (14.2 x) 9.9 x 0.7 inches, weighs 2 kg).

On the underside, nearly a third of the case’s surface area is used for heat dissipation, to give users the best possible performance level.

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Connector

As a high-end workstation laptop, ZBook Fury 17 G8 is fully equipped with different types of ports, giving users a fully-equipped workspace.

Along the left edge, the laptop is equipped with 1 RJ-45 Ethernet port, an anti-theft lock slot, 3 USB Type-A ports, a headphone jack and a Smart Card reader slot.

Meanwhile, on the right side is a power port, 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 1 DisplayPort port, HDMI port, SD card reader slot.

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Screen

ZBook Fury 17 G8 is equipped with a 17.3-inch diagonal screen, UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), using BrightView LED panels, giving users an impressive picture quality and high solution.

In our test, the screen of the ZBook Fury 17 G8 has a recorded color coverage of 161.7% of the DCI-P3 range. This result is far more brilliant than the category average, which includes the models compared in this article, namely the ZBook Studio G8 (142.5%) and the MSI WS66 10TMT (78%).

In the brightness test, the machine’s screen has an average brightness of 532 nits, much higher than competitors ZBook Studio G8 (464 nits), and MSI WS66 10TMT (346 nits). ).

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard set of the ZBook Fury 17 G8 gives me an extremely comfortable typing experience. Below the keyboard, there is a large area for you to comfortably rest your hands during work. The buttons of the keyboard set are very responsive, making it easy for me to get used to after a short period of use.

The touchpad of the machine has a 2-way size of 5 x 2.4 inches, giving me a spacious use area. The surface of the touchpad is extremely smooth, making it easy for me to control the mouse pointer to perform navigation operations on Windows 10 operating system.

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Performance

The version of the ZBook Fury 17 G8 that we used in the review is equipped with Intel’s latest Xeon chip, along with an Nvidia RTX A5000 graphics card and 64GB of RAM. Possessing an impressive multitasking ability, the laptop still maintained the optimal performance level when I opened 50 Chrome tabs simultaneously, including 10 tabs playing 4K videos on Youtube.

Checking the performance of the machine with the Geekbench 5.4 test, HP’s workstation laptop scored 9716, much higher than the average of the high-end segment at the time of writing (4753 points). Powered by an Intel Core i9 chip, the competing models Dell XPS 15 (7477 points), MSI Creator Z16 (7335 points), and ZenBook Pro Duo 15 (7028 points) have worse performance scores than the laptop. HP laptops.

On our HandBrake video transcoding speed test, the HP laptop completed the task in just 6 minutes 27 seconds, much faster than the current segment average of 14 minutes 47. second.

ZBook Fury 17 G8 also did well in the internal memory speed test. Specifically, the machine can copy a file weighing 25GB in just 23.2 seconds, equivalent to a data write speed of 1155 MBps.

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Graphics processing power

Whether you use the machine to play games for entertainment or for work, the ZBook Fury 17 G8 will meet all your usage needs. The version of the machine we used in the review is equipped with an Nvidia RTX A5000 graphics card and 16GB of VRAM.

To test the machine’s graphics processing performance, we use 3DMark’s Fire Strike test. HP’s workstation laptop achieved an impressive score of 20444 points, 4 times higher than the segment average (4351 points). The machine also has higher performance scores when compared to other models in the same segment, namely MSI WS66 (16788 points, Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q), ZBook Studio x360 G5 (4451 points, Quadro P1000), ProArt StudioBook 15 (13767 points, GeForce 2060), and WS65 (15364 points, Quadro RTX 5000).

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Battery life

Similar to most high-performance workstation laptops on the market, the ZBook Fury 17 G8 has an unimpressive battery life. In our test, specifically after letting the device surf the web continuously over wifi, with the screen brightness set at 150 nits, the laptop lasted 7 hours and 10 minutes.

This level of battery life is lower than the current segment average of 10 hours and 23 minutes. However, most of the machine’s competitors also have much shorter battery life, namely the ZBook Studio G8 (4 hours 23 minutes) and ProArt StudioBook 15 (3 hours 39 minutes).

HP ZBook Fury 17 G8: Heat dissipation

The ZBook Fury 17 G8 emits a large amount of heat during use, so don’t put the machine on your lap during work. To test the laptop’s heat dissipation, we measured the temperature in different locations after letting the machine run an HD video for 15 minutes.

After this period of time, the chassis area was the place with the highest temperature, measured at 45 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in the center of the keyboard and touchpad had a better temperature, measured at 30, respectively. and 25 degrees Celsius.


The HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 is one of the most powerful workstation laptops on the market at the moment. No matter what your job is, the level of performance HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 has will allow you to get through it quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a workstation laptop with a high level of performance, and you have a great budget, then the HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 will certainly not disappoint you.

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Plus mark

  • Brilliant 4K Screen
  • Strong overall performance
  • Many useful security features
  • Less bloatware
  • Super comfortable keyboard and touchpad

Minus point

  • High price
  • Bulky design
  • Battery life is only mid-range
  • Dissipates a fairly high level of heat during use

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