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Best Men’s Underwear: Guide to Styles, Brands and Fits

Men now have a lot to choose from when it comes to picking undies – and that’s a great thing.

Whether you want athletic underwear, funny boxers, classic briefs, long johns or anything in-between, you can find it online for a reasonable price. The only catch? It requires some research. If you’re just looking for everyday underwear (not specialty underwear such as athletic boxers), you still have to decide which fit, brand, palette and size is right for your look and body type.

Keeping underwear styles straight is still tricky for most guys, so here’s a refresher: briefs are short and tight (the classic), boxers are loose around the thigh and nads (for the best breathability), and boxer briefs are a tight, mid thigh-length in-between (supportive, athletic and flattering). If you haven’t tried each style we suggest giving each a shot – you might be surprised which is actually your favorite. If you know which is your favorite, that’s great; you can scroll down to the best choice for each fit below.

To help figure out the right underclothes for your style and preferences, we’ve picked out ten of the best pairs of underwear from ten different categories, including best boxers, best boxer briefs, best overall and more. This should help guide your search, and leave you with some clean, fresh new undies.

1. Calvin Klein Cotton Boxer Briefs


We recommend that every guy spend the few extra bucks and upgrade to these classic Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Since their famous ad campaign with Mark Wahlberg in 1992 (and the re-creation with Justin Bieber in 2015), these Calvins have been the modern underwear to make guys look and feel better. This status is thanks to two key features: the recognizable logo waistband and a balanced cotton-spandex construction. This fabric provides support, while still keeping the family jewels comfortable.

Image courtesy of Amazon


2. ColdPruf Dual Layer Bottom


If you need some long underwear for the cold, pick up a pair or two of these ColdPrufs. They utilize a two-layer construction that traps body heat while blocking outside chill, and a slightly high waist that keeps cold air out of your midsection. Also, they’re made of combed ring spun cotton, which is a special process that makes the fabric stronger and smoother. This will prevent rips and stretching if you’re moving or exercising in the undies, and it makes them comfortable.

Long Underwear Double LayerImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Gildan Woven Boxer (4-Pack)


Some guys just want underwear of any kind – and that’s fine. If that sounds like you, we suggest saving some coin and picking up this 4-pack of Gildan boxers for just $12.50. They’re very affordable, but according to reviewers the boxers are still very well-made and comfortable. Plus, they feature moisture-wicking capabilities to keep your downstairs dry on hot days.

Boxer Pack GildanImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Fruit of the Loom White Brief


Classic briefs are still the go-to for many guys. The old school fit doesn’t have any extra fabric on the thighs, preventing any ride-up. We recommend a classic brand like Fruit of the Loom if you decide to go with briefs. This incredibly affordable pack comes with 9 pairs, but because they’re white you’ll need to replace them more often than most other undies.

White Briefs Men's Tighty WhiteysImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Adidas Performance Climalite Boxer Briefs


Athletic underwear are a must-have if you exercise regularly. Normal boxers or briefs can be uncomfortable as you move and sweat, because they don’t provide much support and will get soaked through. A good pair of athletic underwear such as these Climalites from Adidas will dry faster, provide more support and won’t ride up your leg.

Athletic Underwear Men's AdidasImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Lazy One Soft Comical Boxers


Joke underwear have become somewhat of a trend over the past decade, and we think they’re silly enough to earn a spot in your closet. These boxers from Lazy One come in five pun jokes that are just dumb enough to be funny, such as a donkey with the text ‘Lazy Ass.’ Bust them out on special occasions, or give them as a funny gift to one of your guy friends.

Funny Joke Boxers Men'sImage courtesy of Amazon


7. Hanes Tartan Boxer


Our favorite boxers are these tagless boxers from Hanes. They feature a thin, breathable material and a roomy cut for serious comfort, and a ‘Comfort Flex’ waistband that allows easy movement. They also come very highly-rated with over 3,200 reviews and 4.2 stars, as wearers applaud the boxers’ quality, lasting build comfortable waistband.

Plaid Boxers Men's HanesImage courtesy of Amazon


8. Uniqlo Supima Cotton Boxer Briefs


Uniqlo is a favorite of fashion lovers and penny-pinchers alike because they make affordable, stylish basics that everyone can get behind (well, in, actually). Their simple, minimalist boxer briefs are no exception with a Supima cotton build that’s soft and stretchy, yet supportive of your goods. Unlike most men’s underwear, they don’t feature any branding on the waistband, which offers a unique look if you prefer it to logos.

Black Underwear no Logo UniqloImage courtesy of Amazon


9. MeUndies


MeUndies is a new subscription service that delivers premium underwear to your door each month. It’s a great way to ensure that you never end up procrastinating on buying new undies and wearing those gross old ones. It’s also a very flexible service with no long-term contracts, so you can skip a month or cancel any time. But if you’re not into the subscription, you can also buy MeUndies normally and enjoy the incredible quality without the delivery service.

Navy Boxer Briefs Men's MeUndiesImage courtesy of Amazon


10. iKingsky Men’s Thong


Whether it’s for a party, your significant other or an erotic dance group, some guys need a thong like this. You don’t need to tell us why, but if you do need some thongs, go with these spandex and modal thongs from iKingsky. They show as much skin as possible, and they’re as comfortable as a thong will get.

Men's Thong Colorful PackImage courtesy of Amazon


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