Best Men’s Pajamas of 2020: Shorts, Bathrobes, Pants & Pajama Sets

Whether you’re staying warm during those cold winter nights or looking to upgrade your Sunday morning loungewear, every guy should own a great pair of pajamas.

Men’s PJs come in a variety of styles, so there’s something for everyone. Even if you’re a dude who religiously wears boxers at night, a pair of pajama shorts will be more comfortable and more versatile than those everyday-undies. Then you have more sophisticated options, from warm thermal pajama sets to snazzy satin getups for feeling like a king. And after all, we spend around a third of our life sleeping (plus more time relaxing around the house), so why not get the right threads for the job?

Below are some of our favorite pairs of men’s pajamas, with options for every sleepwear preference and loungewear style.


1. PajamaGram Cotton Pajama Set


This set from PajamaGram ticks all the right boxes. They feature a soft jersey cotton that’s lightweight and breathable for summer nights yet warm enough for the winter. The styling is decidedly classic, which we like in pajamas, with a button-up front, notch collar and chest pocket. In short, they’re both comfortable and sophisticated. Plus, reviewers are big fans, saying the PJs are warm, well-made and durable enough to wash easily.

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2. Hanes Plain-Weave Pajama Set


Another great pair of classic pajamas is this set from Hanes. They’re more affordable then the PajamaGram set above, and the fabric is more lightweight. They’re not quite as high-quality as the PajamaGrams, but if you’re just looking for a reliable, budget-friendly set of PJs, these are fantastic. Users have given the pajamas rave reviews, as they boast 4.4/5 stars and more than 1,400 reviews on Amazon.

blue pajamas mens hanesCourtesy of Amazon


3. Polo Ralph Lauren Knit Sleep Shorts


For some guys, a whole set of pajamas is just too much fabric to sleep in. If that sounds like you, we suggest giving up those boxers for these PJ shorts from Polo Ralph Lauren. They’re made of 100% premium cotton to keep your man-parts comfy. And in our modern era of casual-wear, you could even get away with wearing these to take out the trash or walk the dog.

pajama shorts men's polo ralph laurenCourtesy of Amazon


4. Hanes Fleece Pant and Waffle Top Set


Pajamas are especially important during the cold months when there never seems to be enough blankets. This PJ set from Hanes is ideal for lower temperatures with cozy fleece bottoms and a waffle-knit top to trap your body heat. They’ll keep you warm throughout the night, and they’ll be a lifesaver in the morning when you have to step out into the cold air. Both pieces can also be worn alone or with other loungewear, making the set a very versatile purchase.

warm pajamas mens fleeceCourtesy of Amazon


5. Tony and Candice Short Sleeve Pajama Set


Looking for some summery PJs? This short set from Tony and Candice is your ticket. They’re made of a deluxe satin that does double duty by keeping you cool and making you feel posh when you’re having that morning cup of Joe or watching TV before bed. The satin also has a functional purpose, as it doesn’t get tangled around your body while you move in your sleep.

short pajamas satin men'sCourtesy of Amazon


6. David Archy Button-Down Pajamas Set


If you like the classic button-down pajama design but want something a little more modern, go for this David Archy set. It comes with a collared button-down shirt and drawstring pants. The duo is all one solid, neutral color, save for subtle piping on the chest pocket and cuffs. They’re slightly more expensive than other classic PJs, but you get what you pay for with higher-quality cotton and a better trim fit.

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7. Champion Jersey Sleep Pants


The Pajama industry doesn’t really adhere to fashion trends, but up-to-date sleepwear is still possible. These Champion sleep pants are a prime example, as this is the activewear brand of winter 2019/2020. They’re made for sleeping with a lightweight cotton construction and comfy ribbed cuffs, but the modern design means you could actually wear these to the local market on Sunday morning when regular pants are just not in the books.

champion pants sleep mensCourtesy of Amazon


8. Me Undies Men’s Lounge Pants


If you aren’t afraid of a little color in your pajamas, then you’ll definitely want to check out Me Undies selection of men’s lounge pants. We would definitely recommend the Death Star Disco print featured below, but there are over a dozen fun prints featuring tacos, otters, astronauts and other fun creatures. Of course, you can also buy solid color lounge pants from Me Undies if that suits your style better (not to mention a matching set for your sweetheart). These bold lounge pants are made from ultra-soft micro-modal cotton and are perfect for lazy Sundays.

me undies mens lounge pants


9. Fruit of the Loom Sleep Pant


Another great pair of solo sleep pants are these Fruit of the Loom jersey pants. They’re extremely affordable (most sizes are under $10) and very comfortable with a simple drawstring, button-fly design. They’re also the best-rated product on our list with 4.5/5 stars and more than 3,400 reviews, as Amazon users say they’re incredibly comfortable to wear while sleeping and around the house. In fact, some reviewers are already on their second pair.

sleep pants mensCourtesy of Amazon


10. Zuevi Satin Pajama Set


If you really want to feel like the king of your castle, go for these satin pajamas for men from Zuevi. They come in a variety of bold designs and feature a luxe satin construction that makes them as comfortable as they are eye-catching. Are they over the top? Absolutely. But when it comes to PJs you’re wearing in your own house, who cares?

fancy pajamas men's satinCourtesy of Amazon


11. Majestic International Terry Velour Robe


If you’re looking for a manly robe that you’ll want to wear all the time, then check out this terry velour robe. The navy robe features a masculine brown bear print, and the terry velour fabric will feel great whether you’re sleeping in bed or stepping out of the shower. This robe is designed by Majestic International, which makes some of the best men’s pajamas in the world — with a price to match the quality.

majestic international velour bathrobe mensCourtesy of Nordstrom


12. Versace Baroque Bathrobe


If you want to feel like a total baller, even when you’re alone in your bedroom, then this Baroque Bathrobe from the fashion house of Versace is the ultimate indulgence. At a hair under $1,000, this is the most expensive bathrobe you’ll ever own (we hope). With baroque detailing, shimmering embroidery and gold accents, this bathrobe will make you feel like a king. There are more affordable Versace bathrobes, but if you’re going to treat yourself to a designer bathrobe, then don’t settle for anything less than the best.

versace baroque bathrobeCourtesy of Nordstrom


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