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Best Male Sex Toys in 2019: Best Fleshlight, Sex Doll & More

Guys are finally starting to take advantage of sex toys. There are now hundreds of high-quality, pleasure-inducing products that are made specifically for guys, and they’re all better than your right hand (we promise).

Talking about sex toys has long been stigmatized (especially with men), but thanks to evolving mindsets around sexuality it’s now perfectly normal for guys to have a personal sex toy or two in their bedside table. But if you’re new to sex toys, it can be tricky to know where to start because you’re probably not going to ask a friend or coworker for recommendations. But don’t lose hope –  we’re here to help (and so are others).

Men’s sex toys essentially come in three forms: masturbation sleeves (the most popular), dolls that offer more realistic masturbation, and couples’ sex toys that enhance the experience with your partner. Within those categories there are dozens of variations such as masturbation cups, oral sex simulators, prostate stimulators and penis rings for stimulating your partner. We’ve rounded up several of the best male sex toys in each of these categories, with options for sleeves, dolls, couples toys and more, depending on your needs and budget. Check them out below.

1. Tracy’s Dog Male Masturbation Cup


Masturbation cups are the classic male sex toy. We recommend this one from Tracey’s Dog for a few key reasons: it’s made of a soft, great feeling TPE material, it’s easy to clean, and at only $27, it’s very affordable. This TPE build offers the most life-like consistency, and doesn’t have any toxins or scent. It’s essentially the same thing as the famous Fleshlight, only more affordable because it doesn’t have the name brand (and more highly-rated on Amazon). Before use, be sure to apply water-based lube (silicone-based lube will wear down the product faster).

Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Tracy’s Dog Masturbator


Most guys who are new to sex toys don’t want to risk a lot of cash on something they might not be into. That’s totally understandable, and luckily you can get a decent toy without spending much. This oral sex simulator (also from Tracey’s Dog) is a great example, coming in at just $10. It boasts 4.3 stars and 751 reviews on Amazon thanks to a realistic feeling (guys especially like the soft teeth, which actually provide more stimulation).

Blowjob Simulator Mouth MasturbatorImage courtesy of Amazon


3. PALOQUETH Male Prostate Massager


Male prostate stimulation is quickly becoming normalized with straight men – and that’s a great thing. When properly stimulated, the small gland of nerves behind the penis creates an incredibly satisfying orgasm. This improves both masturbation and sex with a partner, but either way, a good prostate stimulator will make it more pleasurable and easier for all involved. We recommend this one because it’s not too big for beginners, it’s remote controlled and it’s reasonably priced.

Prostate Stimulator Men's Sex ToyImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Lonove Masturbator Sex Doll


Sex dolls are another great way to upgrade your alone time, but they’re not all those silly inflatable dolls you see in movies. Serious sex dolls like this one from Lonove feature realistic skin and stimulating fake vaginas (this one also comes equipped with the other hole). Instead of an entire fake body (that takes up a ton of space), this one just has a lifelike butt made of soft, squishy medical silicone. Happy reviewers say it feels very real, and the butt improves the whole experience.

Sex Doll Fake Butt AnusImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Edition


These Japanese egg-shaped devices might not look like sex toys, but that’s part of the reason they’re best-sellers. Inside the eggs’ shells you’ll find a stretchy, textured pure TPE masturbation sleeve and some lubricant. Put a dollop of lube on the egg, and then stretch it over your penis. Inside are textured ridges that provide a huge upgrade over the calluses on your hand. Reviewers also recommend cutting a hole in the top of one of the eggs to simulate oral sex.

Masturbation Eggs TengaImage courtesy of Babeland


6. We-Vibe Pivot


If you and your lady are looking for a bedroom upgrade, go for this We-Vibe penis ring. It slides over the penis while that little extension vibrates to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, ensuring that she climaxes too. It can also be flipped upside down to vibrate the testicles during sex or masturbation. Plus, the device connects to an app that allows one person to control the vibrations from anywhere in the world, so long distance couples can still connect sexually.

Cock Ring Clitoris StimulatorImage courtesy of Babeland


7. Flip Zero Electronic Masturbator


This electronic masturbator from Tenga is the Ferrari of male sex toys. Once you’re inserted, you can pick from several vibration modes that utilize two vibration cores for serious stimulation. Then, you’re able to manually control the amount of pressure inside the device using large buttons on the side. This gives you more control, while greatly upgrading the whole experience with the sucking sensation.

Electric Masturbator Blowjob TengaImage courtesy of Babeland

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