Tend Insights Lynx 2 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Now there’s a home security camera that does more than just watch your home. Boy Genius Report has found an affordable home camera that offers intelligent face recognition and sends you customizable alerts. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
It might seem like there are so many home security cameras out there these days that they’re all the same, but we can assure you that’s not true at all. Case in point: the Tend Insights Lynx 2 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera. This awesome home security camera costs about a quarter of what you’d pay for a plain old Nest Cam Indoor, but it has awesome features like upgraded wireless and facial recognition that let you customize check-ins and alerts. It’s awesome!

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Thanks to its intelligent face recognition software, you can choose who your camera recognizes for customizable check-ins and alerts.

The Best Home Security Cameras To Keep Tabs On Your Space

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