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Best Gifts for Sneakerheads 2019: Trendy Shoes and Accessories

Sneakers are bigger than ever, which means you probably know at least one certified sneakerhead. Whether this sneakerhead is on your holiday shopping list, it’s their birthday, or you just want to make their day, we’re here to help you find the gifts they’ll love (and actually use).

Obviously, fresh new kicks are the ideal gift for any sneakerhead, but luckily there’s also a range of reasonably priced sneaker products, accessories and even books that you can pick up instead of waiting in line for hours for the latest shoe release. This means you can pick up a winning hypebeast-approved gift no matter your price range. Check out our recommendations for giftable kicks and sneaker products below.

1. Stance Socks

Every sneakerhead knows that fresh socks compliment fresh kicks. As sneaker culture has exploded, Stance has become the go-to sock brand. Their unique colorways and premium feel makes them a fun, easy gift – even for non-sneakerheads. Stance offers a wide range of designs, but the throwback vibes and of these Pulp Fiction socks make them our recommendation.

Courtesy of Amazon


2. Sneakers: The Trump Card Game

A sneakerhead’s favorite activity (besides the obvious) is debating and comparing kicks with fellow sneakerheads. Sneakers: The Trump Card Game facilitates some friendly, structured arguing about which classic sneaker is king and provides hours of fun. The game includes 52 cards that each showcase a sneaker with stats, details and ratings for backing up your argument.

Sneaker Card GameImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Misslo Shoe Travel Bags

Is the sneakerhead on your list also a jet-setter? If they are, we recommend these shoe travel bags that keep their prized kicks clean and safe in their luggage. This is doubly useful for protecting your clothes from dirt and germs on your kicks. Most sneakerheads will appreciate this for keeping their hypewear fresh.

Shoe BagsImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner

Dirty sneakers are an age-old sneakerhead problem because no matter how hard you try to avoid it, shoes get dirty. Dozens of shoe cleaning kits have tried to fix the problem, but sneakerheads concur that Jason Markk is the best. The kit includes a non-abrasive solution for safely cleaning leather, suede, nubuck, nylon and cotton mesh, as well as a specialized brush for application.

Sneaker Cleaner Jason MarkkImage courtesy of Amazon


5. SONGMICS Storage Cube Organizer

Sneakerheads often find themselves lacking the proper storage for their kicks, making a simple cubby structure like this very useful. Plus, it lets sneakerheads flex their collection for guests and fellow sneaker lovers. This one from Songmics is easy to put anywhere, features six compartments and costs just $25.

Shoe CabinetsImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Out of the Box showcases and discusses sneakers from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Sneakerheads can pour over archive photos, history and secrets of the sneaker market that are sure to make them appreciate their passion even more. As far as gifting books goes (especially to younger giftees), this is hard to beat.

Sneaker Book Out of the BoxImage courtesy of Amazon


7. Angelus Leather Paint

Shopping for a creative sneaker lover? Order this set of leather paint. It’ll let your giftee customize any pair of kicks with a much more high-quality result that Sharpie. The paint is easy to apply and flexible so it won’t crack, peel or wear off.

Leather Paint SneakersCourtesy of Amazon


8. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Another great book for sneaker geeks is this best-seller by Phil Knight, the founder and former CEO of Nike. The book starts at Nike’s conception and leads up to the brand’s present-day status as an industry-leading titan that kickstarted the whole sneaker movement. Sneakerheads (especially designers in the making) will love it, but so will any business student or entrepreneur on your shopping list.

nike book phil knightcourtesy of Amazon


9. Converse One Star

If you really want to make a sneakerhead’s day, get them a trendy new pair of kicks. The Converse One Star, a much-hyped classic that just got re-released, is a great option. They’re one of the most reasonably-priced pair of shoes that sneakerheads wear regularly, and even if they have a pair already, most will appreciate a replacement.

Black Converse One StarImage courtesy of Amazon


10. Air Jordan 1 Mid

If you really want to make your sneakerhead’s year, gift them a pair of Jordan 1s. They’re one of the most iconic, beloved sneakers around, and any sneaker fan will appreciate a new colorway in their collection. While Jordan 1s can fetch tens of thousands (seriously), these new orange 1s are just $110.

Nike Jordan 1s OrangeCourtesy of Amazon


11. Adidas Originals NMD

Another on-trend sneaker to gift this year is the Adidas NMD. Other than the Yeezy it’s the biggest sneaker of the year, so any sneakerhead would be happy to unwrap them (just make sure they don’t already own a pair).

Back Adidas NMD SneakersImage courtesy of Amazon


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