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Whoever has a furry little friend, like a dog, a cat or a fun ferret, knows the challenges that owning a pet brings. Who likes to pamper their pets or maybe just wants to keep an eye on what they are doing, has several technologies can make work easier, through alternative and useful devices that can be very useful when accompanying pets. From animal trackers with GPS location to automatic feeders, we share with you our selection of apps to take care of your best friend.

  • Dyson Brush

  • Petnet

  • PetCube

  • Pet Chatz

  • Chill XAutoEgg

Dyson Brush

Dyson is recognized for its high quality products. The Groom tool is a mess-free brush for caring for medium to long-haired dogs. The Groom Tooll is shaped like a normal brush, except that it has a small vacuum built into the brush that absorbs all the loose hair while grooming your pet, preventing it from spreading everywhere. In addition to the hair, the brush removes dead skin cells that can generate allergies. Easy to use with thumb control and a long battery life, this cleaning brush offers a small spa treatment to pets. You find it here.


The Petnet SmartFeeder is a simple pet feeder and easy to use, which can monitor your pet’s food intake. It can be booked directly from a smartphone and notify the pet owner as soon as the food is served. The application can score the quality of food for dogs and cats, has scoring based on ingredients and offers more than 7 million recipes and combinations to ensure better nutrition for your pet and avoid overeating. Customize the app according to your pets’ age, breed, weight and activity level and it will recommend the proper feeding schedule. It can be found here.


Ever wondered what your pet is doing while you’re gone? The Pet Cube is the perfect gadget to keep an eye on your best friend. The Pet Cube is a high resolution pet camera that can transmit all pet activity live directly to your smartphone. Through a camera with good resolution and mobility, you are attentive to your animal’s movements or send a quick hello with a real sound, which makes your voice highly recognizable. A big advantage is the night vision, which allows you to track and set an activity monitor covering up to 9 meters in the dark. You can find it directly here.

Pet Chatz

If you are away from home for a short or long period of time, PetChatz allows you to stay close to your pet via a live video call. The video camera is connected to Wi-Fi and attached to a wall, at a height accessible to your pet. It syncs with an app directly on your smartphone so that you can call your buddy and see it. In addition to high-quality video, it also allows you to schedule video calls to check his day. You can order it on the website and discover the benefits.

Chill XAutoEgg

Chill X is a automatic sanitary box, with sophisticated design and guaranteed use. It was designed to clean the pet’s own bed 5 minutes after use. Its cleaning system works by eliminating waste with a rotating rack, which can stop automatically to prevent any damage to your pet. It is equipped with a closed drawer to contain odors and does not need garbage to function , saving time and money. It can be used for small and large cats, and has a customizable cleaning system for kittens. You can find ChillX directly on its website and receive a fully assembled box with a step-by-step configuration guide.

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