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Best Flip Phones: Simple, Cheap Mobile Phones for Early 2000s Style

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In a bizarre turn of events, mobile phone trends just went back in time: flip phones are making a comeback.

Unless you were born after 2007 when Apple introduced the masses to smartphones, you’ll remember the little flip phones that everyone used to whip open with such pizazz. They had a sassy, modern style back in the early ‘00s, and now we’re starting to see influencers and some adventurous normal folks, switching back to a flip phone. It’s shaping up to be the next throwback tech trend, after vinyl, old school video games and so on.

While the return of the flip phone is being pioneered by fashionistas, budget-conscious shoppers are also making the flip. Flip phones typically run around $30 to $100, which is a breath of fresh air after shelling out up to $1,500 for the latest iPhone. Plus, if you’re trying to cut down your time on social media, texting or emailing, a flip phone’s limited features are extremely helpful.

If you’re looking to try out the new (or is it the old?) flip phone trend, read on. We found a handful of good options that you can buy on Amazon for less than $70.

1. ZTE USA Go Phone (AT&T)


Our top recommendation for a flip phone that you can actually use is this Go Phone from ZTE. It comes with an AT&T SIM card that you load with talk, text and data, but there’s no restrictive contract. The phone is simple, but features the necessities including email, texting and a camera. Users say the plastic build is very solid, and certainly more durable than most modern smartphones. These simple features and build quality makes the phone a great option for seniors who can’t work a smartphone, or teenagers that can’t be trusted with a smartphone just yet.

Flip Phone At&T Pre LoadedImage courtesy of Amazon


2. Long Cz Mini Smallest Flip Phone


At first glance, this itty bitty Zoolander-esque flip phone is just a good joke. It can sync up with your current smartphone to receive and make calls, and it has a funny voice changing feature to mess with your caller. But while it’s sure to get a laugh every time you pull it out, it also has some practical uses as well. If you’re a hiker, adventurer or secret agent, keep it in your sock as a back-up phone.

Flip Phone Mini ZoolanderImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Kyocera DuraMax Flip Phone


If you’re getting a flip phone as a back-up or a companion for traveling or adventuring, go for this Kyocera DuraMax. It features a super rugged build that can take dust, drops, extreme temperatures, and even submersion in water up to a meter deep. Along with the expected calling, texting and camera, the phone also has GPS navigation and Bluetooth functionality for pairing with your car or other devices. Plus, reviewers say they get around a week of battery life out of the phone, which is absolutely unheard of for those of us constantly running at 1% on our iPhones.

Flip Phone Durable SprintImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Ushining Flip Phone


For those of us just looking to nail the iconic early 2000s style that’s poised to be the next mega-trend, pick up one of these Ushining flip phones. It’s got a sleek design that’s slightly modern and eye-catching in cherry red, but it’s still a definite throwback without any futuristic touches. However, it only works with T-Mobile, and you’ll have to buy a SIM card separately. It’ll all be worth it once you whip this open while wearing your denim outfit and blast some Green Day.

Flip Phone Red 2000s StyleImage courtesy of Amazon


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