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Healthy eating improves our immune system, increases energy and mood. To diet and stay focused on the weight loss you want, a functional app can be very useful, counting calories, suggesting recipes and, more generally, helping to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In this article, see a list of the best diet apps available today.

  • How to lose weight?

  • Weight Watchers

  • Lose it!

  • Low Carb – Recipes

  • Feed yourself – Diet and Nutrition

  • MyFitnessPal

  • Yazio

How to lose weight?

It is important to know that losing weight does not mean eating too little, starving or exercising excessively. You need to be realistic and stick to a plan healthy eating according to your needs, understanding how to make choices that contribute to your well-being.

Eating should always be a pleasure and have the right tools to create balanced meals can make a big difference in your lifestyle. If one of your goals for this year is to lose weight and be healthier, there are apps to make that goal easier and guide you in the pursuit of your food and wellness goals.

Weight Watchers

4.4 star rating on Android and iOS

Anyone who has tried to diet for sure knows the Weight Watchers, an international association that brings together groups of people with the same weight loss goal to create a supportive and motivating community. Because the organization also has an application that works similarly to face-to-face meetings.

Inform the food consumed and each one will correspond to a specific number of stitches. For each objective, the application establishes a daily point limit. The food database is quite extensive and you can also read the barcode of the products to enter the consumed items.

In order not to lose the community atmosphere, the application also integrates an area for interaction between users, ensuring that you will always be encouraged to maintain your focus and seek the goals that you have set yourself.

Lose it!

4.5 star rating on Android and iOS

Lose it! is an app that works like a meal diary. Enter the dishes and quantities of the day and the program will indicate the amount of calories and nutrients ingested. You can set a weight goal and follow a meal plan suggested by the app based on what you already eat and what you want to achieve. With an extensive database, you can easily monitor your food and make comparisons with previous days and weeks.

The app even has exclusive functionality that creates a exercise routine that matches your calorie intake for you to reach your weight goal or maintain your current weight. You can also meet other users to exchange ideas and motivation right in the application interface.

The app has a free version with some limitations and the option of a paid subscription for access to all features, including tips and customization.

Low Carb – Recipes

4.7 star rating on Android

The low carb diet (low in carbohydrates, in Portuguese) has been very successful recently. In short, what she proposes is to drastically reduce the consumption of carbohydrates – rice, pasta, potatoes – and maintain a diet based on animal protein and vegetables.

The application Low Carb lists hundreds of recipes for you to adhere to this lifestyle and seek to lose weight healthily and actually doing a dietary reeducation. The recipes are divided into both meal types (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) and food. All recipes have pictures of the dishes.

In addition to being entirely free, the app allows users to post comments about the recipes, helping others to adjust the preparation according to their needs and indicating the result of their attempts.

Feed yourself – Diet and Nutrition

4.8 star rating on Android

One of the most complete applications for power monitoring, this option has a intuitive and modern interface, making it easier to view the information. The app has several diet models, all fully customizable to your tastes and needs. In addition, you can monitor your fluid consumption and track your weight loss.

THE Feed yourself it also monitors your daily physical activities and indicates the amount of calories lost per day. All of this data is presented in simple graphs so that you can observe your results.


4.5 star rating on Android and iOS

THE MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps for counting calories and improving your diet. It will help you to lose or maintain your weight based on your lifestyle. The application works on both mobile and computer using your personal account. To simplify monitoring, the app has the most complete food database on the internet, including brands and portions, for highly accurate results.

The application creates reports and feedbacks about their meals and also monitors their physical activity. What makes the app unique is that it is not a basic diet program, but a comprehensive nutrition plan, allowing the user to realize the impact of their choices.

The application is paid, but has a month of use entirely free for you to test its benefits. The definitive subscription entitles you to personalized exercise plans and more detailed reports.


4.5 star rating on Android and iOS

With a modern and fun design, the Yazio is an attractive app to help you lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the simplest diet apps and makes your journey more enjoyable. Each user records their information and determines their personal goals, such as losing weight, gaining muscle or maintaining health by being healthier. The app does not remove calorie consumption, but it does strike a balance between the right amount of nutrients and your favorite meals.

To start, just save your meals for the app to review nutrients and unnecessary improvements to notice the changes you want to see in your body. It offers different programs for you to vary in recipes and purchases in the market, in addition to giving tips to get extra motivation. The app includes a barcode reader to reveal the nutritional information of the products you find in any store.

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